Thursday, July 1, 2010


For those of you who don't know the big news.....
Hutch is going to be a big brother!!!!
We are due Jan. 1st- Happy New Year! So, I am about 13 weeks right now. This will put about 2 years between the 2, which is what we have always wanted, so we are thrilled! We will find out what we are having Aug. 12th (just before Ryder's arrival!), so I will keep you all posted. Jeremy is convinced it is a boy & I have a feeling it's a girl, but who knows. I really don't care, honestly. I have always wanted a girl, but I would love for Hutch to have a little brother. It's a little scary to think about having 2, especially with being so close in age, BUT, we are so excited!!!


  1. Congrats!!!!! So happy for ya'll!

  2. YAY! Big Brother Hutch! It feels like just yesterday we were finding out about Hutch. Time flies...don't blink!

  3. Big Congrats! I am so happy for you guys! 2 is twice the fun! Keep me posted & let me know if you have any questions or need moral support on having 2 in diapers!
    love you!

  4. congrats!! So happy for ya'll!! i hope you are feeling well :)

  5. Amen! Two are more fun! But the diaper situation with two is not. HA! Hopefully Hutch will be a "potty training genius" and just decide early on that he doesn't like soggy diapers on his bottom. I'll pray for ya! I must say that I am a little sad we aren't doing this together again! Sniffle, sniffle! The first time around was so much fun! Hugs, girlie!