Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review & Catch Up

I just finished the 2nd book in this The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series & I have to admit- I think I enjoyed this book even better than the first one! This book was a real page-turner & it was super hard for me to put it down at night. It is a bit stressful to read & pretty intense at times. Luckily there is a wait for the book at the library (more copies are being ordered, so apparently I am not the only fan!), so I can let my brain have a break for a couple of weeks before diving back in! This book gets more into the life & background of Lisbeth Salander (one of the main characters from Dragon Tattoo). I was told there was a pole of who should play this character on some website & Kristen Stewart was one of the top runners. While I personally do not think Kristen is talented at all, I hate to say I can totally see her in this role. It seems right up her alley. HOPEFULLY, however, they will find someone else who fits it just as well.

Had a blast in Brownwood last weekend! We were so glad to see Hutch, although it may take us a while to "unspoil" him from being with grandparents the past week & 1/2. He had a great time in Odessa! Our house was so quiet, but it was nice to have some Jeremy-Lindsey time. Needless to say, we were really ready to get him back! This weekend we are laying low & kickin' it in Austin. We are planning taking Hutch to Gattiland after church on Sunday. Maybe he will have more fun there than at Chuck-E-Cheese's. I will be sure to provide pics afterwards!

I had a dr's appt. yesterday & we are looking good! I am 16 weeks along- yay! We get to find out what we are having 8/12. I will be sure to let you all know! I haven't really had any cravings, but here are a few REALLY unhealthy things that have been SUPER tasty to me. Lucikly, I don't eat them too often!

1) Taco Bell Bean Burritos (why are they so good AND so cheap???)
2) Cheetos Cheese Puffs (wow, buying that bag at the grocery store last week was a big mistake- no more after these are gone, which isn't looking to be too far from now)
3) Sweet Tea (I really only drink this on occassion. With Hutch, I craved cokes, which I still drink more often than I should)
4) Watermelon- Hutch craves this, too.
5) Peanut Butter- I have recently started really liking PB sandwiches.

That is it, I think! Yummy- is it lunch time???? :)


  1. Hey Pregmo! I am coming by the office one day next week and will bring by your maternity clothes! Sorry it's taken me so long to get those back to you! Mmmm...Cheetos! AND I'm not even preggers! HA!

  2. I am over half way through with Girl with Dragon Tattoo...Sarah is on the 3rd book! I'm excited about starting the next one.

    I have been eating so bad too...jr cheeseburgers from wendy's and lots of ice cream, frosty's and blizzards!! gotta keep cool in this blazing hot MS summer heat!