Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simmons Reunion

We were so excited to spend last Wed.- Sun. in Jackson for the Simmons Reunion. Although the original plans to go to Nashville were cancelled due to the floods, we still had a great time spending time with everyone. It was great seeing cousins & aunts that I don't see very often & we enjoyed getting to spend so much time with grandparents. Here are some shots I took over the weekend.

One of our first stops when we got in town was to go see my grandmother. She is currently going through physical therapy & not staying at her home, so needless to say, she was so glad to have some company! AND, she just couldn't get over how much Hutch had grown. Hutch was super happy to see Gran, too!
Hutch just hanging out in Gran's room. I think he was contemplating what he could get into next.

Hutch and Paw Paw in the hotel lobby. I love the Cabot Lodge! Everyone is so friendly & the lobby is perfect for just hanging out. We someone how managed to distract Hutch from his exploring to take this picture.

My aunt Cindy became a quick favorite of Hutch's. AND, it's no surprise with the entertainment she kept providing. For the record, after this day, Hutch would not leave a luggage cart unattended. It was really cute until someone really needed to use it for other purposes than cruising around the hallways.

I think Cindy was having just as much fun as Hutch.
I thought this was so cute!

Up to no good!!! This looks like trouble to me!
Jan and Bruce at Cock of the Walk

Carly & Marc at Biaggi's

Me & Carly

Jeff, Jill, and Jenny
Who me?
Does he look guilty or what? Here he is with Mary Linnley.
Mary Linnley- how cute is she? And hungry, apparently!
Simply worn out. He had to call it an early night Friday & Mee Maw and Paw Paw just loved watching him while we hung out in the lobby with everyone.
Ok, this is by far my fave pic in this batch. Maybe my fave pic ever. How funny is this???

Action shot (pictured with his cousin, Lily Marie)
Mee Maw & Paw Paw
Takin' a snooze during family picture time....smart guy.
Jeremy, me, Carly, Marc
Jeremy's Birthday was Monday, so we surprised him with a cake at The Memaid Sat. night.
Hutch hangin' with his Aunt Carly.
We had so much fun & hated that the weekend went by so fast. We can't wait for the next reunion in 2012! Hutch is quite the little traveler- his other grandparents were waiting for him when we arrived Sunday. He headed back to Odessa with them yesterday & will be there all week! We miss him like CRAZY but know that he is having a ball. We will be heading to Brownwood this weekend to see Jeremy's grandparents & pick up our little guy!
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Ok...carly and marc at Biaggi's needs to be deleted please. I look like I had wayyyyyy too much lasagna!

  2. Hahaha!! You look beautiful sister! The picture of Hutch upside down is sooooo stinkin' cute!! I love all of the pics! Thanks for putting them up! I wish SO much I had been there... can't wait for our Thanksgiving reunion! Yay! 4 months!