Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby News and No Baby (Yet) News

Happy Saturday, everyone! This post has 2 points, so here ya go...

1) Baby News: We have a name for the little baby girl!..........Hazel!!! We are so excited & although we understand that there are a few of you out there who may think of rather uncomplimentary things when you hear this name, we are convinced that once you meet our little Hazel, she will be the only thing you associate it with. These were my favorites: Finley, Brecken, Harris, Sawyer, Nash, and Harper. It ended up being between Harper & Hazel and we just felt Hazel was it! We don't have a middle name yet, but we are working on it.

2) RYDER, WHAT'S THE HOLD UP????? Give your Mama a break & get here already! We are all on pins & needles! I keep waiting by the phone & poor Carly is probably so sick of me answering every time she calls, "Is it time?" She is scheduled to be induced on Thursday, so at least we know we will get to meet him then at the very latest. BTW, she has joined the blogging world! As you know, I have no idea how to link sites with words, so you can check it out by clicking on The Ramirez Family under my fave blogs.

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