Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bullet Points

I really thought about writing multiple posts. I mean, I really did. But, that just would have been too much effort for this half-day-off I have today. So, you will have to just bear with me as I mention all I have to say via bullet points. I tend to think in numbered lists or some sort of bulleted list, anyways, so this is fitting.
  • Ross & Carri's Wedding: We headed West this past weekend to attend Jeremy's cousin's wedding. It was so great to see everyone, although we certainly missed those who were unable to make it. I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a few!

Hutch just entertaining his 'ole Mom at the Rehearsal. I think he is already sick of the camera. Can I tell you how happy this sight made Jeremy? Just to clarify in case you aren't 100% sure what Hutch is carrying: a fishing pole & a golf club. Need I say more. In case you don't believe me when I say, "our hands sure are full with this one...." Hutch & Me. This was shortly before we were showering him with graham crackers to keep him quiet during the ceremony. And, can you believe that it worked? Hmmm.... I thought this was a pretty shot of the bride. Newlyweds! Hutch made a friend during the ceremony & she just loved picking up the flower petals & putting them in his hair. By the look of this picture, Hutch didn't seem to mind her attention one bit. The getaway sweet is this ride??? I LOVED this!

  • Book Club: I haven't blogged about Book Club lately, but I am still lovin' meeting with this ever changing group of ladies! Our Book 2 Movie this past month was Up in The Air. I didn't read the book, but I did see the movie & I thought it was so depressing! I was not alone in thinking this....Guess what our Book 2 Movie is this month? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Yay! I have been really wanting watch the movie, so this will be an excellent excuse to do so. My dish contribution last night for our meeting was Symphony Brownies & they were certainly a hit. If you have never tried this super easy dish, all you do is mix up a box of brownies according to the box, pour 1/2 the batter into a casserole dish, then place 2 Symphony w/ toffee bars on top; cover with the remaining batter. Sorry, Haley, I just had to post about it....although, it wasn't the same picking at the leftovers by myself. :)
  • I signed up for my first photography class! Woo-hoo! Who cares if it's not until October- it's in my Outlook, so I will be there! I want to be able to take great pics SO badly, but I am honestly so impatient. I just want to snap my fingers & voila! I am a photographer! I love, love, love, Hello Delta- check out her link under my blog list (I haven't figured out how to link sites with words- if anyone wants to give me some guidance, I will gladly accept!), as she is so talented. Maybe one day. Of course, I think I will need more than 1 Intro to Photography class at Wolf camera to get me there. At least I am on the right track.
  • Little Ryder is almost here! His due date is 8/19, but I am anxiously waiting by my phone. And, I won't lie....there have been moments at work recently where I have thought, "Oh, Ryder, if you could just get things movin' right this second, I would so appreciate it and I promise to thank you later. I could really use an excuse to get out of..." you know, whatever it may be at work or what not. BUT, it hasn't happened yet. We are certainly getting closer, though!
  • Pedicures: Is there really anything better? I just had a fabulous one & I went out on a limb with a new color (flat, purple-y, grayish color)-and I LOVE it! Only thing- there was no label on the bottom, so I have no idea what it is. I better really enjoy it as it may be the last time these toes ever meet that shade again.
  • Naps. I love naps. And as far as I'm concerned, what's a half day without one? Happy Friday Eve, everyone!

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  1. Love the blog!! We're hoping for Ryder to come before the 19th also. I just don't think it's going to happen though. We go to the dr tomorrow so we'll see! Marc and I LOVE the pic of Hutch with the fishing pole and golf club...classic!!!
    Up In the Air...ok, I saw this when I was pregnant..I still am pregnant, but you know what I mean...and I just didn't think it was depressing. I liked it. Is there something wrong with me? Shouldn't I have thought it was depressing as well?? Hmmm...just thinking! Love you !