Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hutch Dancing

For those of you who don't know, Hutch's favorite show is Austin City Limits. He would much rather watch a band perform than a cartoon. He has his favorites, too. Yesterday morning I turned it on for him & he picked up a plastic shovel to use as his guitar so he could play along with the band. The video from above is him rockin' it out to Okkervil River. I laugh out loud everytime I watch this.


  1. TOOOO cute...just wish it lasted alot longer! I wonder where Hutch gets his rhythm...I would definitely call those moves a wonderful Mississippi/Texas combo!

  2. How adorable! He knows he's cute too, you can tell in the video! My girls' song of choice is the song on the opening credits for The Gilmore Girls. They will be in full blown temper tantrum mode and the Gilmore Girls song will come on and they will stop what they are doing, get as close to the tv as they can and start dancing. Then they clap when it's over. This is such a fun age, don't ya think? Give Hutch hugs from his twinsies!