Monday, October 18, 2010

A Few Days Back Home

Hello, friends, I am back from an action packed long weekend in Jackson. As always, it was so great spending some time with my family! Before diving in, let me just warn you that this post contains alot of pictures. When I say "action-packed", I mean, we crammed so much into these past few days, I could collapse from exhaustion. BUT, it was well worth it. AND, what would a trip home be if it weren't booked solid?

Friday morning we headed over to Gran's new home to visit. The weather was AMAZING all weekend, so we took Gran for a stroll by the little pond. I thought this picture was really cute of Hutch smiling up at her.
Here is Hutch helping Gran back to her room.

Remember me stating how excited I was about the MS State Fair? Well, let me just say that I was not disappointed. Well, I was a bit disappointed that the only thing I ate was a Pronto Pup corn dog. I had planned on eating much more fair food, but I was too full. It was really fun spending so much time in the kid section. It brought back many memories of my parents taking us to Midnight Madness. We would get SO excited! My parents were hilarious- they each took turns picking out rides they wanted to take Hutch on.

If Hutch could form complete sentences, he would tell you his favorite part about the fair was the petting zoo. As you can see below, he was a little bit afraid of a few animals, but he warmed up after a while. He had a blast feeding them carrots.

While we took a break to eat, Hutch took a break to flirt with a cute blonde sitting at our table.

Here is Hutch with Lolli and Aunt Jan "riding" the wooden cow.

Does this picture really need a caption?

Saturday, we headed over to Jennifer & Eric's to help host a baby shower for Brandi Lee. The shower was a hit & Hutch was soooo excited about seeing his girlfriend, Ollie. They decided to give each other a little smooch. Were the parents encouraging this at all? That really doesn't matter, does it? Ahhhh, young love.

After Brandi's shower, I headed over to Belhaven for Leahbeth's baby shower. It was so much fun b/c I was able to see several friends I have not seen in so long! Here is a pic of all the preggos: Madelyn, Leahbeth, me, Sarah.
Natalie, Leahbeth, and me
This is a pic of all the girls there who went to Madison Central- Go Jags!!! :)

Of course, we had to spend some time out on the back porch. My Dad had fun introducing Hutch to the frisbee. He never really picked up on what you are supposed to do with it, but he enjoyed chasing it when my Dad threw it & then bringing it back to him.

Who had one of these growing up??? My grandparents had a Cozy Coup in Utica, so we always spent alot of time playing with it when we would visit. I am so glad that parents now have one for the grandkids to play in. Hutch didn't mind being the one to test it out this weekend.

We headed to Utica on Sunday to go to church & spend the day with my grandparents. My grandfather managed to find an old "Billy the Singing Bass" or whatever it is called in the closet. This entertained Hutch just about the entire day. AND, for those of you who also read Carly's blog- my grandmother fixed up dressing & homemade rolls for our trip!!! It was DELISH!

I thought I would post a pic of my grandmother's flowers- aren't these pretty???

I had to post a sepia pic. I love it.

Ok, check out Hutch- what is he up to?????
Sunglasses pic!
Love, love, love this....

While Hutch and I were busy eating, visiting, shopping, riding rides, etc., my dear, dear husband was laying wood floors in our living room. His Dad & brother helped him out (thanks, Doug & Jarrod!), but it was still a REALLY long weekend for him. The floors look so great & I am so proud of them!!!
Off work today, so I am on clean up duty. No big plans this week or this weekend. I hope to just kick back and continue enjoying this beautiful fall weather! Hope everyone has a great one!


  1. Wow.... The picture of hutch and dad at the fair is sooo cute! I'm not sure who has the bigger smile! Love all of the pictures but I must say I'm more than a little disappointed in your fair foods! No biscuit? No cinnamon roll? You were supposed to eat for me too sister! And hazel... That's three people! Can't wait until I see y'all and I get to be in the pictures with the little man! Love you!

  2. Ok, I did forget to mention that I did, in fact, have a biscuit, Haley!!!! It was just as tasty as I remember, too! Love you tons & can't wait for you to be in some pictures, too!!!!

  3. I agree with Haley. My favorite is the pic of Dad on the ride...too funny!!! haha!! 2nd fav is the one of Hutch sticking his head in the cut out. Love it!