Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! We have had such a fun weekend. Friday night, Jeremy was wrapping up 36 holes of golf to celebrate Kyle's bday, so Hutch & I just kicked it at the house. He thought it was so much fun trying on his "Da-Da's" boots. Forgive our messy bedroom; this pic was just too cute to not post.
Saturday, we headed over to Vince & Megan's to help celebrate Maddox's 1st bday- it was Halloween themed, so we had a great time getting Hutch dressed up. We thought nothing would be more fitting than for Hutch to be a rockstar. As you will soon see, he was quite the little rocker. Here is little Reese the Bumble Bee taking a snack break.

What do you think? Does he play the role well, or what? We bought him a toy guitar to carry around, but he quickly found other things to keep him occupied as soon as we arrived.

A side view of the 'hawk. Would it be bad if I just fix his hair like this on occassion? He had the perfect hair for mohawking & I would just hate for it to go to waste.

One of Hutch's 3 tats. And, yes, it was a bit of a challenge to keep him still for 30 seconds while I applied each one, but well worth it in the end. Does he look tough, or what????

Addie & Annika
Hutch flirtin' with the ladies.

That watermelon slice didn't stand a chance. Oh, and check out Hutch's dragon face painting. Jarrod & Casey took Hutch to the Barton Creek Farmers Market Saturday morning & they had a ball! From what I hear, Hutch's favorite part was the band. He had so much fun & we really enjoyed some quiet time!

Sweet little Emmerson
Hutch taking Charlotte for a spin

Addie, Annika, and Sienna in line for a swing at the pinata

The birthday boy, Maddox

While all the big kids were trying to knock down the pinata, Hutch and Jeremy jumped around in the bounce house

Looks like Hutch picked up Charlotte again.....hmmm.
Hutch and Reese chowing down on cupcakes
Hutch sure was tired when we got home, but not too tired to provide some back up for Hayes Carll on Austin City Limits.

Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween! Hutch was quite thankful he was able to go as a rocker vs. the monkey he was forced to be last year. I guess Thanksgiving will be here before we know it...yay! I love the holidays! AND, although I think it is ridiculous that Target already had about 5 aisles dedicated to Christmas, I was secretly a litte bit excited to see all the holiday decor! Have a great week, everyone!

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