Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks

I just wanted to post an early, "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone! We loaded up the car this morning & are planning on hitting the road to MS as soon as we get off work today. I am really excited b/c we have our annual Thanksgiving lunch at work (my contribution- hasbrown casserole, yum) and then I am volunteering at the annual HEB Feast of Sharing, where I will be helping prepare plates for the homeless with my coworkers.

We are driving to Longview tonight & then planning on being in Madison around noon tomorrow. We can't wait to spend a few days with the family & are especially looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving lunch with the expected 62 family members out at Luckett Lodge!

I hope that everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving- safe travels to all of you who have trips planned!

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