Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Thankful from A to Z

I have really enjoyed reading many blogs this month that have focused on listing out different things their owners are thankful for- you know, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. SO, it has inspired me to do something similar. I thought, in honor of Thanksgiving, and because I have so many things to be thankful for, I would dedicate this post to "The Things I am Thankful for, A-Z." What are you thankful for this year?

A- Artists. Even though I am not one; I am so thankful to know so many! This has been very advantagous when it comes to home decorating, gifts for others, etc. So thankful for the creative ones in my life!

B- Book Club. Even though we don't technically read the books each month (this month we are doing a holiday cookie party), it is always fun to get together each month with this mix of ladies.

C- Cheeseballs...why, OH WHY, are so they SO good? Thanks, Chad, for the 4 bags you gave me as a baby gift. 1 down, 3 to go.

D- Dogs. While our 2 dogs lives certainly have changed over the past couple of years, I still adore them and am so thankful to have them!

E- Expecting- As in "I am." I can't wait for our little Hazel to get here....only 7 more weeks to go!

F- Family & Friends. I love these people more than words can say!

G- Grub. As in good, 'ole, southern cooking- can't wait to get my hands on some next week!

H- Hutch. Ahhhh, this little boy has my heart.

I- In- Laws. I have great ones, what more can I say?

J- Jeremy. My soul-mate. I would be such a mess without this man. I love him dearly & am reassured daily that we were truly meant to be together. Love you, honey!

K- Kisses from Hutch. They may be super sloppy, but they are full of nothing but love.

L- Lamps. If you know me well at all, then you know I hate overhead lights. I love, love, love lamps. And even though Jeremy doesn't understand this weird thing about me at all & he is total opposite (as in hates lamps & loves overhead), he usually lets me win & pick the lighting for whichever room we are occupying. I would put lamps in my kitchen if he would let me.

M- Music. It's always on at our house.

N- Nails done. As in pedicures, but I already used p & I am more thankful for my parents than pedicures. But I do love climbing into that massage chair & just letting go for an hour. Bliss. Probably my favorite indulgence ever.

O- Outlook. My new ride has taken me wherever I have needed to go (of course, eating up a ton of gas along the way, but that was expected, right?) over the past few months with only a few minor hiccups along the way. I am really excited about breaking her in on our first real road trip next week. AND, Outlook, as in my email! I don't know what I would do without it!

P- Parents. Sorry, everyone, I hate to tell you, but I have the best ever. :) I couldn't have asked for a better set & I am so thankful for how I was raised & for the relationship I have always had with them. I only hope I am half the mother my Mom has always been to me.

Q- Quiet. Our house is loud. And it is about to get even louder. I have grown to love the constant noise of the little fella running around yelling, singing, dropping things he should not be holding in the first place. It is what my idea of "home" has become. But, let me tell you- I also cherish when our house is quiet (a.k.a.- when Hutch has gone to sleep:) I also like to call this "me time."

R- Reading. Or as Jeremy so lovingly calls it, "nerding out."

S- Sisters. I was able to have good chats with both of my sisters yesterday & I just don't know what I would do without them. I am so blessed to be so close to both of them!

T- Text messaging. What did we do without it????

U- Utica, MS. This little town holds many special memories of spending time on my grandparent's cotton farm. Here are just a few things that I immediately think of: sunsets, cows, riding around in the back of a pickup, shooting guns, Bill's Dollar Store, cheese biscuits, cold apples with the skin peeled off, the "boogie song" on the piano, old Barbie dolls, hamburgers on the patio with cokes so cold they have ice in them, naps, the Cozy Coup, tv shows recorded to vhs, Bingo, and just happiness. Pure, spoiled-rotten, happiness. And visiting my grandparents still brings back all of these things when I visit today. Who knows, maybe Utica will have a new set of residents in a few years?

V- Vacation days. Whether I am sitting at home on a stay-cation or traveling somewhere. I. LOVE. DAYS. OFF. and 8 years at my company has earned me earned quite a few of them at work.

W- Work. I always thought I was meant to not work. I really did. My degree was just a back up plan. And, while I definitely have my moments at work & if given the option, I would rather be living it up as a rich stay at home Mom, I am so thankful to have a job that I enjoy going to each day!

X- ercise. Not that I currently do it. But, I really plan to after Hazel is born. I know, this is a stretch (haha), but what else are you supposed to use for X?

Y- Yeast Rolls made by Mee Maw. Yummy.

Z- zzzzz's, as in sleep! While little Hazel's constant nighttime movement is preventing me from getting all the zzz's I am used to, I am sure it is a sign of things to come. So I am extremely grateful for the sleep I am getting, knowing my nights are most likely about to take a turn...

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