Monday, November 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays

We had a blast in Jackson over the the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a super relaxing long weekend. Here are a few pics that I took:
Is this not hilarious? Here is Haley with her nephews & one of the many souvenirs she brought them from her travels.
I love this picture of Ryder...

We spent Thanksgiving day with approx. 60 other family members at Luckett Lodge. It was great seeing so many we had not seen since Thanksgiving 2 years ago! The food was, as always, divine, and the weather was perfect. Here is a pic of the Lodge from across the pond.
I can never resist a picture of Hutch holding his Dad's hand.
Lolli trying to get a good picture with her 2 grandsons. Hutch is not amused. He isn't quite sure about little Ryder yet.

Elyssa, Mary Linley, Jan, and Lydia

Hutch enjoying a wagon lap on the wrap around porch.
This would probably be funnier if I could post all of the attempts to get a good picture of Haley & Hutch. They are pretty entertaining- Haley is trying to smile in all of them while Hutch is trying everything he can to escape getting his picture taken....again.
Check out this good lookin' family...Carly, Marc, and Ryder

LOVE my sisters! Haley, you're welcome for not publishing the super happy pic of you. :)

Looks like Hutch picked up a passenger...

You know I can't resist a sepia pic!
Every pic I take of Hutch and Cindy is just pure cuteness. They are both always laughing & just up to no good. Partners in crime.

Lolli, Ryder, and Haley

Jeremy & Carly

My grandparents got Hutch his very own John Deere tractor for Christmas.
And, just in case the little boy on the box looks's Hutch! They taped a picture of his head on the little boy that is riding the tractor!
Hutch & Paw Paw- he can't wait to jump on & take that tractor for a spin!

Hutch also received a John Deere hat to go with his new set of wheels. This is the best pic I could get out of this sleepy guy Sat night. In case you are wondering what's up with all of the gifts, we went ahead & did Christmas with my family since we will be spending Christmas with Jeremy's family this year. Note the bruise on Hutch's nose- he took a tumble into what we think was a baseboard earlier that night.
Ryder's present from Hutch- an owl hat! I think it looks perfect on him! Thanks, Christie! If anyone is interested, my friend makes these (among many other super cute designs) and sells them on etsy. I can hook you up with her info, if you are need of a cute children's gift!

Can't believe the weekend flew by- I guess it always does, huh? We are so blessed to have such great friends and family! Also, I can't close without saying "GO DAWGS!!!!" We were so excited for the win over Ole Miss this weekend!
Hope everyone had a happy & safe Thanksgiving!

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