Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap

Well, Christmas has come and gone....we had such a great weekend with Jeremy's family. Here are a few pics that I took over the past few days:

Uncle Jarrod, Hutch, and Jeremy

Lynn & Casey

Our Christmas tree, which by the way is already in our backyard. I actually took the ornaments off Christmas night & was so excited to see it go this morning. I love putting it up each year, and I love taking it down.
Not everyone gets to sit on the table during Christmas Eve brunch. AND, if it had just been Hutch and his parents, he would have been in a chair. I did have to be the mean Mom when he thought it was funny to actually stand up on the table. He had this look of, "Come on, Mom, live a little...."
The game that Uncle Jarrod wishes he had never invented. He didn't say that, but I know he was thinking it- if not the first time Hutch remembered, then the 25th for sure. If anyone is looking for a way to work out their legs over the next month or two, just head over to our house. Hutch loves this.
Hutch is saying, "A-gin? A-gin? A-gin?" x 100. Seriously. He knows a man's weakness is being the victim of repetition. And he uses it to his advantage every day. Every day.
Hutch must have been a good boy this year to have walked away with the loot he received from Santa! He even received a personal message from Santa Claus!

He was a little overwhelmed at first and not sure what to play with first.
Jeremy hates this hat, but that is ok. Hutch didn't seem to mind wearing it while watching Elmo last night. Of course, I think he was so wrapped up in watching tv, he forgot he was wearing it.

All smiles!!!!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Still no Hazel yet, but we are ready! I really didn't want her to come before Christmas, so we made it. I have been really busy today shopping and cleaning, so hopefully that will trigger something. Regardless, I know my next post will pictures of our new little girl! XOXO

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  1. Sent you an email thinking today is the big Hazel day. If she already came and I'm the last one to know then - congratulations!!!! The Christmas card is cute of all three but I got to say, Hutch really looks adorable in the pic with the rosy cheeks.