Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last One Standing

Hello, everyone!!! Just an update for all of you- all my prego friends that were due in Dec. have had their babies. SO, it's just me! It has been alot of fun having so many friends who have been pregnant with close due dates, but it's really weird to be the only one left!

I went to the doctor today & it looks like little Hazel Claire is right on schedule- or maybe even a little bit ahead of schedule, per my dr. We have been scheduled to be induced on 12/30. My doctor is actually out of town that day, so she said that day wouldn't work for her- I asked if another doctor could do it because I'm not really that picky. Intern in town, maybe? A nurse you really trust? :) She has me set up to be induced by another doctor that I have met before & that I actually really like, so that is good! Maybe Jeremy will like her better than Dr. S. We will see...
We are super excited & so anxious to meet our little girl. Hutch has NO idea what is about to happen to his "only child" little world. I kinda feel bad for the little guy, but I know he will eventually adore his little sister, so it makes me feel alot better. Jeremy & I are taking off work 12/29 & have declared it "Hutch Day", since it will be his last day as an only child. We are going to take him to all of his favorite places, starting out with the Chik-Fil-A playscape.

I will keep you all posted! How are you holidays going so far? Ours are great! My sisters were in town last weekend & we had SO much fun! The weekend was super low key & included lots of good eating, a movie (Burlesque, for those of you who are interested), church, and a pedi. I wish we could get together more often b/c I LOVE my sisters TONS and am so thankful for them. I wish I had pics to post, but I actually didn't take a single one.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week- come on Friday, get here already!!!!


  1. Who's going to deliver little Hazel?...if it's Dr. Landwermayer then I guaranty Jeremy will like her. She's AWESOME! Possibly even more awesome than Dr. S. I cannot believe it's already almost time to welcome Hazel--I'm sad that I wasn't along side you your whole pregnancy like last time! I miss our pregnancy bonding moments. Well, if you don't mind visitors, the girls and I would love to come by and meet your little Hazel after she's born. Maybe the girls can keep Hutch occupied! Good luck!!!

  2. Hi, Amy, we would love for you to come by! I will send you a text to let you know when she is here! Dr. Hart is going to deliver- I would trust any of those ladies, though!