Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just When Hutch Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

So, you all know that Hutch was home sick with the flu all last week. The only thing worse than being home with a sick little boy is being home with a sick little boy who isn't really that sick anymore but you feel the need to keep him home just in case. And the only thing worse than being home with a sick little boy who isn't really sick anymore is being home also with a baby girl who has the sniffles and a serious case of an upset tummy. Just ask Hutch.

I would normally choose not to blog about something quite so graphic, but this was just too funny & way too gross to NOT post. So, for those with a weak stomach, you may want to stop reading here. You've been warned.

Thursday morning I was changing Hazel's diaper on our bed. Jeremy was heading out for work & Hutch was standing right next to me just chatting away. He was at that time shirtless, as he had quite a time with his yogurt at breakfast & ended up with half of it on his shirt. Anyways, as I went to put a new diaper on Hazel, she projectile poo'd ALL OVER Hutch. I mean, it shot out like you turned on a water hose. And hit him right in the center of his chest. Which splattered onto his face. And on the carpet. And on me. I started screaming & Jeremy ran back to the bedroom to see the aftermath. Hazel felt much better. It only took a moment for Hutch's "deer in headlights" reaction to change to absolute horror. He started screaming crying- Jeremy rushed him into the bathtub- I could hear Hutch yelling the whole time, "NOT NICE, SISTER!!!!" It was SO GROSS, but it was hilarious at the same time. As bad as we felt for the little guy, we could not stop laughing. I guess that is what makes being a Mom so special- I mean, who else could be covered in poo & able to laugh about it????

Hutch seems to have forgotten about the little episode, but I don't think we will ever forget that moment. I have a feeling this will be a story that will be retold many times on down the road. I can see Hutch's wedding rehearsal dinner toast right now....embarrassing story #1.

Have a great weekend everyone! Jeremy & Hutch have gone fishing & Hazel and I are just kicking it at the house. After a week with everyone home, it sure is quiet & I am LOVING it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Saying Hello...

I have been busy trying to get some good pictures for Hazel's birth announcements, so I have taken quite a few pics lately. I thought I would post a few that although didn't make the cut, were pretty adorable.

Things sure are nonstop around here with 2 kids. For those of you who have more than 2- WOW, I have really gained ALOT of respect for you over the past few weeks. Hutch was diagnosed with the flu yesterday, so he is home with Hazel & me for the rest of the week. I can definitely say that our quiet and relaxing days will be in for a change this week. I hope Hazel is ready. I hope I am ready. :) I just have to accept that my house will be a wreck & that it is pointless to chase after Hutch picking up everything that he drops. I also have to accept that there is a possibility that I will have 0 naps for the next few days....ick. Hazel is sleeping pretty well at night, but she still wakes up a few times to eat (& typically goes right back to sleep), so I have been trying to take at least 1 nap/ day. It is definitely a bit stressful trying to keep Hutch away from Hazel- he has really grown to love his little sister & insists on holding her ALL the time. And smothering her with kisses. And bringing me everything he finds that belongs to her. He just doesn't understand why suddenly he can't "hep" or get near her. You can't really explain to an almost 2 year old that he is sick & extremely contagious. SO, I end up hurting his feelings, and he walks away with his bottom lip stuck out as far as it can go & his head tucked into his chin. It is absolutely heart breaking. That is what we are currently dealing with! Ready for this to be over!
Not much else going on- just trying to enjoy my maternity leave! I can't believe I have been out for almost a month- can you believe that Hazel will be 4 weeks old tomorrow? We are trying to plan a trip to MS soon- I am really looking forward to taking that little girl home to meet everyone.
I hope everyone has a great rest of the week & I also hope that your homes stay "flu-less". Luckily, this is the first time we have had to deal with this & it is NO fun!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show Me How You Really Feel

Hazel & I were taking some shots yesterday, trying to capture one for her birth announcements, and look at this one I took! I was laughing so hard...seriously, Hazel, you could at least try to look like you are enjoying this. I bet this is the expression my Dad really wishes he could make when we all bust out our cameras. Too cute to not post, but I hate to say this one won't be making the birth announcement!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Out West

Hello, fellow bloggers! We headed west to Odessa last week to visit Jeremy's family & introduce Hazel to everyone. She & Hutch were quite the hit, to say the least. We had so much fun, as always, relaxing & spending some time with everyone. Jeremy & I even had a date night! It was so much fun for just the two of us to get out & spend some time together. Thanks, Lynn & Doug! Lynn & Doug also took over night duty, so we were very well rested when we went to leave on Sunday. As prepared as I was for the sleepless nights, it does take a little while to get used to. I do think that Hazel is much easier than Hutch was, as she tends to sleep a good 3-4 hours at a time & wakes up just to eat. We had a are some pics from the trip.
Hutch just being silly.

Does Hazel look comfy or what? I mean, really, Hazel, RELAX already.

Lynn & her granddaughter

Alma with Hazel & Autumn, Hazel's cuz.

Hutch, Hazel, & Aunt Vickie
Proud Dad
Hazel, napping again
Hutch on the "cycle", he doesn't know how to ride a bike yet. But he sure likes trying.
Uncle Ronnie & Hutch
Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hazel's First Week at Home

Well, we survived week one! My Mom was here all week & she was such a huge help. So, really, reality will hit this week. Hazel loves being held, which makes going to bed quite difficult. We have tried placing her in her bed, but that did not work at all. So, we then tried the Nap Nanny & it seemed to produce better results. She is actually a great sleeper, but she just doesn't like to sleep laying flat or without being in someone's arms. We are actually picking up a bassinet for her tomorrow to try out- next week may be tough while I try to get her used to sleeping in her new bed. My Mom also cooked, cleaned, and did laundry. AND, she babysat both of the kiddos last night while also treating us to to dinner. We enjoyed our date night at S Congress Cafe, which is where we also went right after Hutch was born. It was so great to have some time just for the 2 of us! While I know at this very moment she is probably sleeping soundly in her own bed, we certainly miss her on our end! We love you tons, Mom, and are SO very appreciative for all of your help last week!

As with Hutch, we spent the first few days of last week traveling back and forth to the pediatrician to have Hazel's jaundice level tested. We were cleared on Wed., which was great news, as we were afraid she would have to be admitted into the hospital to be placed under the lamps. Here she is geared up and ready to go on Tuesday. What do you think about that hat? My friend, Christi, made it- love it!!!!

Wish all feet were as cute as baby feet.

Snoozin' in the Nap Nanny.
Ok, sorry this is out of focus, but I couldn't help but post. I happened to wake up the other morning while napping on the couch & caught Hazel stretching out. I didn't have time to focus my lense- check out that leg! And that expression!!! Haha!
My Mom & Hazel before she left this morning.

Hazel took a good 3 hour nap today while Jeremy spent some time working at his office. Hutch was in a really funny mood & surprisingly cheesed it up for a few pictures. I thought these were really cute.

Well, we will see how this week goes! I don't really have any plans, so I am really looking forward to relaxing & taking it easy with our little girl. Hope everyone has a great week & I hope to get some cute pics of Hutch & Hazel within the next few days. XOXO

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello, Hazel!!!!

Little Hazel Claire has arrived! She made her appearance at 12:41 PM on 12/30. We were so excited to finally meet her! Her delivery was super fast- we couldn't have asked for a better experience. It was much easier the 2nd go 'round! We were so fortunate to have so much family here to welcome her into the world & help take care of big brother Hutch. She is the sweetest little thing & she looks just like me! Now Jeremy & I each have a mini-me! My Mom is here all week, so we have really enjoyed just relaxing and cuddling up with this baby girl- she loves to be wrapped up & held close. This is so much fun, but it can definitely be challenging come bedtime. Not getting quite as much sleep as I had hoped for, but that is to be expected. Hutch is starting to acknowledge her presence- he was indifferent & pretty much ignored her for the first couple of days. He will now walk up to her & say "sister" and stare at her for a few minutes before walking away. We know he is going to be such a great big brother & eventually just adore his little sister! Here are some pics:

Check out that head of hair!!!!

Proud Lolli!

Big Brother Hutch excited about his new sister.
Hazel hanging on for dear life during her first bath.
Proud Dad!
Pop & Hazel

Aunt Carly- her hands are quite full here, wouldn't you agree??
Hutch opening his big brother gift- it was an Elmo microphone & he loved it!
Aunt Casey & Hazel
Monie & Hazel
Sweet girl!

Getting ready to head home- all dressed up! Lisa, does that blanket look familiar? We LOVE it!

Uncle Marc & Hazel

I will definitely post more pics soon- things have grown just a bit busier at our house over the past few days, so the blog has taken a few steps back on the priority list. BUT, I promise to post more pics as soon as I can!