Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hazel's First Week at Home

Well, we survived week one! My Mom was here all week & she was such a huge help. So, really, reality will hit this week. Hazel loves being held, which makes going to bed quite difficult. We have tried placing her in her bed, but that did not work at all. So, we then tried the Nap Nanny & it seemed to produce better results. She is actually a great sleeper, but she just doesn't like to sleep laying flat or without being in someone's arms. We are actually picking up a bassinet for her tomorrow to try out- next week may be tough while I try to get her used to sleeping in her new bed. My Mom also cooked, cleaned, and did laundry. AND, she babysat both of the kiddos last night while also treating us to to dinner. We enjoyed our date night at S Congress Cafe, which is where we also went right after Hutch was born. It was so great to have some time just for the 2 of us! While I know at this very moment she is probably sleeping soundly in her own bed, we certainly miss her on our end! We love you tons, Mom, and are SO very appreciative for all of your help last week!

As with Hutch, we spent the first few days of last week traveling back and forth to the pediatrician to have Hazel's jaundice level tested. We were cleared on Wed., which was great news, as we were afraid she would have to be admitted into the hospital to be placed under the lamps. Here she is geared up and ready to go on Tuesday. What do you think about that hat? My friend, Christi, made it- love it!!!!

Wish all feet were as cute as baby feet.

Snoozin' in the Nap Nanny.
Ok, sorry this is out of focus, but I couldn't help but post. I happened to wake up the other morning while napping on the couch & caught Hazel stretching out. I didn't have time to focus my lense- check out that leg! And that expression!!! Haha!
My Mom & Hazel before she left this morning.

Hazel took a good 3 hour nap today while Jeremy spent some time working at his office. Hutch was in a really funny mood & surprisingly cheesed it up for a few pictures. I thought these were really cute.

Well, we will see how this week goes! I don't really have any plans, so I am really looking forward to relaxing & taking it easy with our little girl. Hope everyone has a great week & I hope to get some cute pics of Hutch & Hazel within the next few days. XOXO


  1. Aw, what a little honey! She is just perfect! And Hutch, well he's just as cute as ever! I love all of the pics. Hope you're getting some sleep. Love ya!

  2. She is SO beautiful! Wow, she's grown already!! Love you sister!

  3. I really like the knitted hat!