Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beyond Blessed

Let me start by listing what I am currently thanking God for:

1. Hazel has the flu; she could be so much worse off

2. The AMAZING facility & team of doctors and nurses at Dell Childrens Hospital

3. We have such a loving & supportive family that we can depend on

4. Health Insurance

5. That He does not give us more than he can handle

5. That He has a plan for each of us & although things may not make sense at the time, there is a reason for everything.
Little Hazel has had quite the week. Hutch had his go with the flu a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully he is fine & back to his normal self. We were anxiously monitoring Hazel, as we knew there was a good chance she would catch some of her big brother's germs. I was actually in Jackson Wed. - Sunday for a job interview w/ Enterprise that I did not get. I received a phone call from Jeremy early Friday morning to let me know he was taking Hazel to the ER b/c she was having problems breathing. They kept her most of the day & gave her some breathing treatments. She was diagnosed with the flu & Jeremy was told that due to her age, there was nothing they could really do to help kick it. Due to the weather, I was unable to get home.
Saturday, Jeremy had to take her back to the hospital b/c of breathing issues again. They monitored her just about all day, had her hooked up to fluids and oxygen. The dr. prescribed her Tamiflu to help ease the pain a bit. Everything was looking up & I made plans to fly in Sunday morning. Well, Sunday night, her breathing was incredibly labored, so we actually called 911 as we were afraid she would just suddenly stop on us on the way to the hospital. We had a team of about 6 paramedics in our living room- it was a bit surreal & certainly something you never hope to witness as a parent. They gave us a good report, however, and told us that although they definitely felt she needed to head to the hospital, it was not necessary for her to go by ambulance.
We have been at Dell Children's Hospital since Sunday night. Hazel is definitely making progress- she was off her iv & oxygen for a large portion of the day yesterday. They actually hooked her back up to oxygen last night b/c her levels were dropping a little more than they would like. Per the dr., this isn't unnormal for infants, but he wants to monitor her for the next 6-8 hours to make sure she is ok before releasing us. Hopefully we will get to go home today, but if they feel we need to spend another night, we will gladly do so. We just want our little girl to be well again! There is nothing like seeing your baby hooked up to an iv & with tubes in her nose. Ugh, it is just heartbreaking. But, I keep telling Jeremy it could be so much worse. There are so, so many sick kids at this hospital and we are so fortunate that this is what we are dealing with compared to what some other families are going through.
Our family & friends have been amazing, to say the least. Although the timing of all of this hasn't been ideal (is it ever?) as I was stuck in MS, Jeremy had so much help from his Mom, Jarrod & Casey. Between grabbing meals for everyone to entertaining Hutch to hanging out with Jeremy at the hospital- those 3 have been such support! Also, my parents flew Haley in on Sunday so Lynn could head back home & she has been incredible, too. She has had a big time with Hutch & knowing that she is here makes it so much easier for us to focus on getting little Hazel better. For everyone else that wants to be here but can't, your prayers, thoughts, and phone calls have meant the world to us!
I was so excited to head to Jackson for my interview last week. And, I was so excited on Thursday to see that my flight had been cancelled & I was stuck for a few days. Within about 30 minutes on Friday morning, I found out that I did not get the promotion that I hoped for & that Hazel was really sick. I know that God has a plan for all of us & that things happen for a reason. I think it is only natural for us to question things when they just don't make sense. But, I strongly believe that He has a plan for each of us & I know that at some point down the road, whether it is next week or 5 years from now, I will look back on this time & it will all make sense.
Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, I will try to update more as I can!


  1. Oh my goodness! So sorry you had to go through all this, especially with a newborn. Even scarier than our situation! We will be thinking about y'all and praying little Hazel recovers quickly and can get home!

  2. Jan told me about little Hazel. I am praying for you guys, Lindsey! Lots and lots of prayers for y'all!

  3. Oh my word, I had no idea Hazel was so sick. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need anything! Even if it's to pick something up at the grocery store. We will be praying for you all. We love you guys!

  4. OH now, Lindsey, I am so sorry to hear this! You are right, there is nothing worse than an iv in your little one. I remember those terrible nights when Vivi was at Children's Hospital. We are thinking about you all and keeping your family in our preyers. We hope she feels better soon! I know she has the best care at the hospital . Love you guys!


  5. First of all...Thank GOD that Hazel is on the up and up. I can't wait to see that sweet little thing again!
    Second of all...I just HAVE to add, God does have a plan for all of us and everything does happen for a reason. Yes, one day you will look up as you and I are sitting on your back porch in Houston, sipping the vino,watching the children play and it will all make sense! haha!!! I love you so much sister. I wish I could wrap my arms around you right now! XOXOXOX

  6. My prayers will continue to be with you all

    Leigh Ann

  7. We didn't know Hazel was in the hospital. Hope she is home soon.