Monday, February 28, 2011

Hazel Meets Mississippi

Long time, no blog, friends! How is everyone? We just got back from a long visit in MS. We had so much fun & Hutch had a great time introducing his little sister to everyone. As you would probably expect, there are a TON of pics in this post. Jeremy, Hutch, Hazel, and I all headed into town a week ago last Wed. Jeremy & Hutch flew back to Austin on Sunday, while Hazel and I stayed until Friday. My Mom rode with us back to Houston, where we were able to spend some time with Marc, Carly, Ryder, and Haley. We had fun there, too, except my Mom came down with something that caused her to loose her voice. Poor thing- she couldn't talk the whole time we were there. Don't you know that just killed her. Here are some pics from our trip.

If you remotely know my family, then you know that we spend lots of time out on the back porch. Hutch loves to swing, especially with Pop.
We joined the Lee's & the Cook's for their weekly Mexican dinner at El Ranchito. Jennifer & Erik's daughter, Ollie, and Hutch had a ball running around the restaurant. The servers had just as much fun serving them up all the cherries they wanted & taking them back to the kitchen. These next few pictures are so cute- I just had to post all of them.

We also went by & spent some time with Gran.
Of course, we had to introduce Hazel to Hal & Mal's! Here she is with Aunt Jan.
Me, Hazel, Brandi, and Rivers (isn't she so cute???!!!)
Check out those cheeks.
Hutch was absolutely mesmerized by the band that played. He just sat there for a while with his Dad & would start clapping everytime they would finish a song. This kid is definitely going to be a musician. He even put on a show for everyone & started dancing at one point. The band asked what his name was & gave a shout out to him. Then, they proceeded to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and Hutch went NUTS. He was cuttin' a rug out there on that dance floor. He was the only one, too, which made it extra special.
The highlight of the evening- the band let Hutch strum the guitar. He LOVED it but hated it when we had to go. He didn't understand that the band wanted their guitar back.
My Dad used to read "Go, Dog, Go" to us ALL the time. It was my fave book- it is also Hutch's fave, so it was great having my Dad read it to him.
Of course, we made a trip to Utica. We were fortunate to be able to spend the night- Mee Maw & Paw Paw pulled out an old ukele for Hutch to play- he did not put it down the whole time we were there. Here is Hutch playing a tune for Paw Paw.
Future Bulldog.
Check out Paw Paw's expression- love it.
Mee Maw & Hazel
We took a little trip out to my grandfather's land around dusk. This pond is alot bigger than I remember it being. I thought this was so pretty. This little trip brought back alot of happy memories for me.

On Monday, Hutch was watching Elmo & just plain passed out on that hardwood floor. He looked so uncomfortable but I hated to move him b/c I knew he would wake up. So, I left him there. For about 2 hours. Best sleep he had the whole week, I think. I met Leahbeth, baby Caroline, and Natalie for lunch at Keifer's on Tuesday. I was so excited to meet Caroline for the first time! She is so cute & just her big brother made over. I have been dear friends with LB & Natalie since high school, and although we don't see each other very often, we just pick up where we left off everytime we see each other! Great friends!
Natalie, Hazel, and me

My Mom with all of her grandbabies. Can you believe how big Ryder has gotten? He is a cutie!!!
This pic was pretty funny to take. First of all, we all could not fit on that couch. Secondly, getting everyone to look at the camera & smile was just about impossible. As you can see.
So, I am enjoying my last week of maternity leave. I can't believe it is time for me to go back to work. These past couple of months have been super busy- we are so thankful to have had so much family to help us out! I start back to work on Monday- I am definitely a little sad to see my maternity leave end, but that is life! I hope you all have a fabulous week & I will post again soon!


  1. LOVE all the pictures!! The ones from El Ranchito are sooooo cute of Hutch and Ollie! Love you sister!


  2. Well shoot! Your maternity leave is already over and we never got a chance to get together! You are just too busy, lady! The pics are too cute. You and Jeremy make some pretty babies, for sure! Glad ya'll had a good trip and a safe return back! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Have a cupcake for me! Love you! Love, Liss, Matt and Lyd