Saturday, March 26, 2011

As We Prepare to Leave Texas

As we wrap up our last week as Texas residents, I thought it would only be appropriate to list out what I am going to miss about this great, great state A-Z style....

A- Austin, my home for the past 4 years. You are a wonderfully, unique city & I promise to visit you often.
B- Blues on the Green. Although we didn't go often; it was always nice just knowing it was an option
C- Country Home
D- Doctors. I know this is a silly one but you can't place a value on being comfortable with your medical providers.
E- Enterprise coworkers....GP65 ROCKS!
F- Friends. We love our Austin friends & promise to keep in touch
G- Grocey Store, as in HEB. You can't beat their produce. And tortillas.
H- Hill Country, I will forever miss your beautiful wildflowers.
I- Independence, as in Texas Independence Day. Will definitely miss the independent spirit that Texas evokes. And even though at times it can be a bit overwhelming, I will miss seeing the flag and the state everytime I turn my head.
J- Jarrod & Casey- promise you we will visit...(ellipses especially for Casey)
K- Kafe. Normally spelled South Congress Cafe, but I already used C. And S.
L- LadyBird Lake. Jeremy could go on for hours about LadyBird Lake. And Live Music.
M- Matt's El Rancho...Yummy. I am going to need the recipe for the Bob Armstrong Dip. ASAP.
N- Neighbors. We had great & interesting neighbors on the 'streak.
O- Out of Town Trips. I am looking forward to giving the Outlook a rest from her countless roadtrips, but I sure will miss our close proximity to so many cool places.
P- Patio Bars. Although Jackson has a few, I will miss the endless number of patio bars in Austin.
Q- Quick Commute. I will never have a faster commute to work than I have over the past 3 years. It would be physically impossible.
R- Ramirez's. Meaning my sister & her sweet fam who lived just down the road in Htown.
S- Starstreak Drive- it's not goodbye, Starstreak. We will definitely see you soon.
T- Torchy's Queso & Trudy's.
U- mmmm, I have tried to think of something for U for about 15 minutes. And I am over it, so I get one freebie.
V- Variety. If you want it, Austin has it.
W- Whole Foods. So long, Caprese sandwich. I loved you even though you were extremely overpriced.
X-Xcellent food. Especially in Houston- great restaurants.
Y- You know, everything else I can't fit on this list.
Z- zippin' to Houston...I think Hwy 71 will certainly miss me.

Thanks, Austin, for 4 great years! My next post will be dedicated to reasons I am excited about moving to MS, but it just wouldn't feel right not recognizing Texas for the many wonderful years. My internet at home has decided to call it quits, so I don't know when I will post again, but it will be as soon as I can! We are in Houston this weekend celebrating Chad's 40th, so it is great to spend some time with our Htown friends before making the big move. Plus, it sure is great to see my hubby for a couple of days since he has been in MS all week. Plus, it's great to be kid free for a couple of days, even though Imiss them like CRAZY! See ya soon!


  1. Awe...tears....this makes me really sad = (

  2. Sniffle, too! :(