Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ryder's Christening

I have been meaning to post all week, but our computer has been out of commission for a few days. We headed to Houston last weekend to spend some time with my fam & witness Ryder's Christening. We were only in Houston for about 24 hours, but, wow, did we get alot accomplished. :) First things first, however- before leaving, we stopped by little James' 2nd bday party (funny story, met his mom at my doctor's office right before I had Hazel & we have just kept in touch ever since! She is due in about a week, I think). Anyways, Hazel was decked out in her polka dots (thanks, Pope family, she looked ADORABLE!), so I had to get a pic! Hutch loved the train. Actually, he did really like it. I mean, it took a little while, but he eventually came 'round. He was bawling (see above) when they cranked it up & Jeremy & I kept just smiling, shouting, "It's ok, honey, now smile for the camera, ok?" I think when that little engine returned, he was secretly thanking us for not taking him off.
And, much to Hutch's pleasure, he found a guitar! He looks like a natural, doesn't he?
We made it into Houston just in time to join the masses at our fave spot, The Rajun Cajun. Luckily, the Johnson family was able to meet up with us along with Alissa. When I say that place was packed, I mean, it was PACKED. I am convinced they were breaking some sort of fire code with the number of people piled into that joint. Nevertheless, the food was great. I didn't get any pics of Alissa, unfortantely, as she spent her entire time there entertaining my eldest child by taking him outside so he could point out the "big fish" (commonly known to us grown folk as a crawfish) on top of the roof. You may also notice there are no pics of Hutch at the Cajun, as when he was not being entertained by Alissa, he was walking up to other tables & starring at their food, licking the floor, and climbing under other people's chairs. Wow, eating out sure isn't what it used to be. You know what, though- I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
Hutch sure has grown to love his little sister. Little sister, on the other hand, hasn't quite figured out her big brother. Do you sense a look of terror in her eyes?
Love. this. pic.
Little Ryder man doesn't miss a handsome is he getting ready for his christening?
I just thought this was a cool pic.
Awe, how sweet is this?
Hazel catchin' a snooze while everyone gets ready to go to the church.
Oh my gosh, check out those ADORABLE thighs!!! Yes, those belong to Ryder & I just want to pinch them!
Hutch doesn't quite understand that you aren't supposed to sleep during church.
Check out Ryder with his Daddy.
Love my sisters!!!!
How cute is Ryder in this photo?
Hutch took quite a liking to Miss soon as they discovered each other, there were hugs & kisses just a flowin'.

Back to work this past Monday. Boo. Oh, well, it was definitely easier this time- no emotional breakdowns in the classroom, so that is good. We love the place where Hutch & Hazel are, so it made it much easier to leave the little girl there on Monday. Hutch was quite concerned, however. He didn't understand why we were just going to leave her in that room with those people. He wouldn't let go of her carseat & kept asking, "sister????" What a good big brother. I certainly miss my time with my baby girl, but that is the way it goes. I am only working from 8:30-1 this week, so that has been nice. Gotta run- have a great rest of the week & happy hump day! Hutch & I have a hot date planned at Chuck-E-Cheese's tonight with some friends. Should be fun!


  1. Seriously, you guys make some ADORABLE babies! In love with all these pics! Hugs to everyone!