Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Well, I am a little late with the Easter pics, but better late than never, right? I just don't know where this week has gone! We had such a great Easter! We were so excited to spend the day in Utica. We headed there in time for church & spent the whole day with my parents, Mee Maw, Paw Paw, and Jan. We certainly missed everyone who was not able to be with us!!! We started off the morning by discovering the Easter Bunny had made a stop by our new house- we were so relieved he was notified of our address change. Hutch still didn't quite understand what that Easter Bunny was all about but it didn't take him long to realize that the Easter Bunny= candy. And that makes Hutch a very happy boy. The Easter bunny also dropped off a few things for Hazel, and although she didn't remotely know what was going on, I know she liked what was left in her Easter basket, too. Here are some pics from our day:

Obviously we had just woken Hutch up. But check out Hazel's expression. Priceless.

I meant to get some really good Easter shots of the kiddos together. But, this ended up being it. Amazingly, I think we actually made it to church without Hutch staining his shirt or getting dirty.

Little baby toes. And in sepia. Makes me smile.

Miss Hazel Claire

I am almost sure Hutch was saying, "LOOK! LOOK, DADDY, LOOK!" Once Hutch discovered that those eggs had candy in them, it was a whole new ball game. This was his 3rd egg hunt within 2 days, so he was a pro.

Looking for more eggs.

Happy boy.

Hazel & Pop. I think Hazel is probably thinking that she can't wait to show Hutch the right way to hunt eggs.

Just hanging out on the porch! It was impossible to keep Hutch still. I can always remember my Mom taking our Easter pictures in this very yard each year. We used to spend quite some time out on this front porch- it was nice to see my own children out there. Especially watching Hutch running around and playing. Just wish my sisters could have been there- as big as Ryder is getting, Hutch may have had a little competition.

Love the trees & how green everything is. We used to zoom down this sidewalk on a scooter. There is a big hill just past the driveway & it was absolutely thrilling.

Can you believe the Easter bunny found sunglasses for Hutch & Hazel that match my Raybans? Granted, of course, they aren't RayBans, but they look just like mine. Here is Hutch- one cool dude.


Hazel was mad b/c I left her white wayfarers @ home. Sorry, Hazel.

4 Generations!

Of course, we had to stop by & see Gran for Easter! We enjoyed spending time with her for the holiday.

Hutch trying to convince Pop to take him out to see the geese.

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter & were able to spend it with the ones you love!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Belhaven Easter Parade

We were thrilled Leahbeth asked us to join them for the annual Belhaven Easter Parade & Egg Hunt. Hutch had a ball being pulled through the parade in his wagon by Jeremy & especially enjoyed his riding companion, Whit. It was a perfect day in regards to weather- we hope to make this an annual tradition! I didn't get many pics, as I realized I am not coordinated enough to push Hazel in her stroller while looking behind me to take pictures. But, I did get a couple. By the time Hutch settled down to watch the live music, my camera battery died.

Here he is before the parade. I wish he would wear hats. He just loves to put them on & then take them right off. Repeat 25x. I thought this was really funny. Jeremy got his workout pulling Hutch & Whit in the wagon.

At Laurel Park just before the egg hunt. Btw, Hutch was not even slightly interested in that egg hunt. He was thrilled he had the slide all to him self while all the other kids scurried around gathering eggs.

Jefferson, Bryan & Amy's son. He & Hutch are about the same age.
I start my job tomorrow! I am really excited & anxious to get into a routine. I have so enjoyed spending these past 2 weeks with the little ones, but I have definitely realized I am not cut out to be a stay at home Mom. Plus, as much as Hutch loves hanging out at home, I know he is ready to make some new friends. I will post more soon! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lunch at the Park

We met Jeremy for lunch last Friday at Friendship Park. It was a beautiful day & Hutch really enjoyed burning some energy on the playscape. Hazel was quite envious that she couldn't run around and play, too.

Check out that red hair! I hope she has auburn hair.

Hutch Pics

I played with some editing features on picassa & I thought these were pretty good! These were all taken of Hutch on our new back porch.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Check, Check

Well, we have officially been in Mississippi for one week & so much has happened! First of all, we are just about all moved into our new home. I have accepted the fact that our house is going to be cluttered for a little while. I hate not having everything in its exact place, but I have realized that I can only do so much while keeping my eye on the 2 little ones. Hutch is loving his new room & getting used to sleeping in his "big boy" bed. The transition from his crib has gone a bit smoother that I expected. Some nights he sleeps without waking up once. Then there are other nights where he wakes up crying for his Mama and Daddy. Hazel finally has her own room. With the exception of a few pictures to hang, it is complete! It is so cute- I will post pics soon. I also got a new job! I start on Monday. I am super nervous as I haven't started a new job in almost 9 years! I certainly miss my old position & Enterprise friends, but I am really excited about this new opportunity. Of course with a new job, comes new daycare for H & H. I found a place that I really like. It's no Country Home, but with our timeframe, I will take it. It is really clean & everyone seems really friendly. I am really ready to get Hutch & Hazel back on a routine. Hutch needs alot of structure to his day to keep him entertained, so I know he is ready to get started & make some new friends! We are really enjoying our time here so far. We have already spent several evenings hanging out on our screened in porch while Hutch runs around the huge trees (11, I think?) placed throughout our backyard. We also frequent my parent's house (Lolli & Pop). They actually babysat for us last weekend so we could go out to dinner. They even kept them overnight! Jeremy & I really enjoyed having a night to ourselves! I am looking forward to joining Leahbeth for Girls Night Out tonight & then this weekend we will be pulling Hutch in a wagon through the Belhaven Easter Parade. Our internet & cable is scheduled to be hooked up tomorrow so I promise to post some pics! I took some really cute ones of the kiddos yesterday & look forward to getting them uploaded. Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

We're Here!!!!

It feels a bit surreal to say that we are now official Mississippi residents! While it was certainly sad leaving so many friends and family behind in Texas, we know that we will continue to see you often & hope that you all know our doors are always open for you at our new home on "the 'rez". As promised, here is my "Why I am Happy to Back Home" list A-Z style. A- Amerigos. I mean, really, I never frequented this place much when I came to visit, but it carries some tasty cuisine nonetheless. B- Babysitters. Lots of them. C- Close proximity to some cool towns. Examples: NOLA, Memphis, Birmingham, etc. D- DayCare. Not exactly thrilled about finding a new one, as Country Home set the bar pretty high. BUT, the reality is we need one. And we need one without a waiting list. Now. E- Enough room. Our new house is 4 bdroom- Hazel finally gets her own room! F- Fishing. This is for Jeremy- we live within walking distance of a very large body of water. Or as Hutch calls it, "Two waters." G- Gorgeous surroundings. You should see the trees in our new backyard. They are amazing! H- Hal and Mals I- I don't know what to use for I. J- Job. I need a new asap. K- Krystals. I won't have to travel to Killeen or Beaumont anymore to chow down on these little bites of of heaven. L- Leahbeth! My bestie from HS that I have still remained close to for all these years. And, she has little Caroline who is only a month older than the Hazel-girl. M- Mississippi State football games & tailgating. Whew, Whew!!! N- Newks! I will no longer have to travel ALL the way to north Austin to eat here! O- Old friends. Not as in age, but I look forward to hanging out with many old friends I haven't hung out with in a long time P- Pace. Just a slower pace of life in the 'sip. Q- Quietness. I was at our new house today while the movers unloaded & I did not hear one siren. It felt kind-of weird. R- ' Rents. As in my parents. I haven't lived in the same town as my parents since I was in HS. And back then I had a curfew. S- St. Paddy's Day Parade- a Boone family tradition that I have missed too often. Not any more! T- Although some are mentioned above, I am so excited about Hutch & Hazel experiencing many of the great things I experienced growing up. U- Utica V- Vasilios. I love Greek food. W-loWer cost of living. X- RelaXing. It's no secret we racked up some miles traveling all the time. We are looking a bit forward to laying low for a while. Y- Yazoo City. Really, I don't know much about this town. And me saying it's one of the reasons I am excited about moving here is a bit of a stretch. But, regardless, it is a real town. And it's just down the street. So, visiting is always an option. Z- Zoo. Now the Jackson Zoo isn't known the world over, but it's a special little zoo that holds many, many memories for me. We are just thrilled to be there and although the stress level has decreased a bit- I will be a little restless until I find myself a new job & we have a reliable place for the kiddos. Anywho, I gotta run. I promise to post some pics soon! XOXO