Sunday, April 17, 2011

Belhaven Easter Parade

We were thrilled Leahbeth asked us to join them for the annual Belhaven Easter Parade & Egg Hunt. Hutch had a ball being pulled through the parade in his wagon by Jeremy & especially enjoyed his riding companion, Whit. It was a perfect day in regards to weather- we hope to make this an annual tradition! I didn't get many pics, as I realized I am not coordinated enough to push Hazel in her stroller while looking behind me to take pictures. But, I did get a couple. By the time Hutch settled down to watch the live music, my camera battery died.

Here he is before the parade. I wish he would wear hats. He just loves to put them on & then take them right off. Repeat 25x. I thought this was really funny. Jeremy got his workout pulling Hutch & Whit in the wagon.

At Laurel Park just before the egg hunt. Btw, Hutch was not even slightly interested in that egg hunt. He was thrilled he had the slide all to him self while all the other kids scurried around gathering eggs.

Jefferson, Bryan & Amy's son. He & Hutch are about the same age.
I start my job tomorrow! I am really excited & anxious to get into a routine. I have so enjoyed spending these past 2 weeks with the little ones, but I have definitely realized I am not cut out to be a stay at home Mom. Plus, as much as Hutch loves hanging out at home, I know he is ready to make some new friends. I will post more soon! Have a great week everyone!

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