Monday, April 11, 2011

Check, Check

Well, we have officially been in Mississippi for one week & so much has happened! First of all, we are just about all moved into our new home. I have accepted the fact that our house is going to be cluttered for a little while. I hate not having everything in its exact place, but I have realized that I can only do so much while keeping my eye on the 2 little ones. Hutch is loving his new room & getting used to sleeping in his "big boy" bed. The transition from his crib has gone a bit smoother that I expected. Some nights he sleeps without waking up once. Then there are other nights where he wakes up crying for his Mama and Daddy. Hazel finally has her own room. With the exception of a few pictures to hang, it is complete! It is so cute- I will post pics soon. I also got a new job! I start on Monday. I am super nervous as I haven't started a new job in almost 9 years! I certainly miss my old position & Enterprise friends, but I am really excited about this new opportunity. Of course with a new job, comes new daycare for H & H. I found a place that I really like. It's no Country Home, but with our timeframe, I will take it. It is really clean & everyone seems really friendly. I am really ready to get Hutch & Hazel back on a routine. Hutch needs alot of structure to his day to keep him entertained, so I know he is ready to get started & make some new friends! We are really enjoying our time here so far. We have already spent several evenings hanging out on our screened in porch while Hutch runs around the huge trees (11, I think?) placed throughout our backyard. We also frequent my parent's house (Lolli & Pop). They actually babysat for us last weekend so we could go out to dinner. They even kept them overnight! Jeremy & I really enjoyed having a night to ourselves! I am looking forward to joining Leahbeth for Girls Night Out tonight & then this weekend we will be pulling Hutch in a wagon through the Belhaven Easter Parade. Our internet & cable is scheduled to be hooked up tomorrow so I promise to post some pics! I took some really cute ones of the kiddos yesterday & look forward to getting them uploaded. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Awe! This sounds like so much fun! I want to go to the parade! Love you!

  2. You just fell right back into the Jackson lifestyle as if you never even left it. I bet it is so strange to see your mom and dad so often...just popping in whenever you want. You haven't gotten to do that in years and now with babies, that's very special. I'm happy for you all but still can't believe you're not just up the road from me! Hugs to you and your beautiful babes.