Monday, April 4, 2011

We're Here!!!!

It feels a bit surreal to say that we are now official Mississippi residents! While it was certainly sad leaving so many friends and family behind in Texas, we know that we will continue to see you often & hope that you all know our doors are always open for you at our new home on "the 'rez". As promised, here is my "Why I am Happy to Back Home" list A-Z style. A- Amerigos. I mean, really, I never frequented this place much when I came to visit, but it carries some tasty cuisine nonetheless. B- Babysitters. Lots of them. C- Close proximity to some cool towns. Examples: NOLA, Memphis, Birmingham, etc. D- DayCare. Not exactly thrilled about finding a new one, as Country Home set the bar pretty high. BUT, the reality is we need one. And we need one without a waiting list. Now. E- Enough room. Our new house is 4 bdroom- Hazel finally gets her own room! F- Fishing. This is for Jeremy- we live within walking distance of a very large body of water. Or as Hutch calls it, "Two waters." G- Gorgeous surroundings. You should see the trees in our new backyard. They are amazing! H- Hal and Mals I- I don't know what to use for I. J- Job. I need a new asap. K- Krystals. I won't have to travel to Killeen or Beaumont anymore to chow down on these little bites of of heaven. L- Leahbeth! My bestie from HS that I have still remained close to for all these years. And, she has little Caroline who is only a month older than the Hazel-girl. M- Mississippi State football games & tailgating. Whew, Whew!!! N- Newks! I will no longer have to travel ALL the way to north Austin to eat here! O- Old friends. Not as in age, but I look forward to hanging out with many old friends I haven't hung out with in a long time P- Pace. Just a slower pace of life in the 'sip. Q- Quietness. I was at our new house today while the movers unloaded & I did not hear one siren. It felt kind-of weird. R- ' Rents. As in my parents. I haven't lived in the same town as my parents since I was in HS. And back then I had a curfew. S- St. Paddy's Day Parade- a Boone family tradition that I have missed too often. Not any more! T- Although some are mentioned above, I am so excited about Hutch & Hazel experiencing many of the great things I experienced growing up. U- Utica V- Vasilios. I love Greek food. W-loWer cost of living. X- RelaXing. It's no secret we racked up some miles traveling all the time. We are looking a bit forward to laying low for a while. Y- Yazoo City. Really, I don't know much about this town. And me saying it's one of the reasons I am excited about moving here is a bit of a stretch. But, regardless, it is a real town. And it's just down the street. So, visiting is always an option. Z- Zoo. Now the Jackson Zoo isn't known the world over, but it's a special little zoo that holds many, many memories for me. We are just thrilled to be there and although the stress level has decreased a bit- I will be a little restless until I find myself a new job & we have a reliable place for the kiddos. Anywho, I gotta run. I promise to post some pics soon! XOXO


  1. YAY!! I'm so glad you're back. Let's PUH-LEASE catch up soon? I want to see y'all and meet Hazel! Email me at some point and we'll get together -

  2. Glad ya'll had a safe trip. I'm a little sad that you're not just up the road anymore, sniffle, sniffle. Give those sweet babies kisses for me!

  3. Ok, T?? I don't understand T. Am I missing something? That list made me miss Mississippi REALLY bad!