Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebrating 80 Years

Hello, friends, wow, have I got some catching up to do. The highlight of this past weekend was celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday- Happy Birthday, Mee Maw! The whole fam gathered at Ely's to help Mee Maw celebrate. So, while this post does have some "catchin' up" pictures, I have several of the big celebration towards the end.

Did I tell y'all the Easter bunny brought Hazel some new shades? AND, she loves them. Especially while kickin' it in her Bumbo on our messy kitchen table.

....BUT she doesn't love those shades nearly as much as she loves....SWEET POTATOES! Yes, we have a baby food eater on our hands. Well, that may be an exaggeration considering we have only tried it twice. And to say she loves it would be quite the exaggeration, as you can see from the pic below.

Hutch "catching fish" on the rez

How can you possibly make Ryder & Hutch ANY cuter? Place them in matching pj's, of course! Btw, this wasn't planned, but I sure was thrilled when Carly broke these out Saturday morning- Carly knew Hutch had a pair so she bought his little cuz a pair to match.

Handsome little Ryder. Ahhh, I love him!

Hutch showed Ryder how to work the bubble gun. Ryder thought Hutch was hilarious. All weekend.

All smiles on the patio

And, Hutch even taught Ryder how to sweep- Pop's hat required, of course.

Oh, yeah, ladies, watch out. And, really, it's perfect that he is holding an electrical cord b/c that is what he is into these days. Nice.

Hutch loves his Aunt Haley!

Here we are at Ely's. Hazel is absolutely astonished. Perhaps it was because she had just realized that Peyton was also wearing seersucker. Or perhaps it was because she caught wind that Peyton was wearing seersucker b/c he had just returned from the "Seersucker and Sombrero" party down the road & she wasn't invited. It could have been alot of things, really.

My lovely sisters!

I think this was the only time all night that Hutch was still.

Big 'ole eyes

The birthday girl! MeeMaw would kill me if she knew I put a picture of her on my blog wearing that tiara, but she looks so darn cute, I just can't resist. Isn't she beautiful?

Paw Paw & Mee Maw

Margaret & Haley

Hutch emptied Lolli & Paw Paw's pockets at the fountain outside.

Sunday, we headed to Utica to see our family in town from Austin & Denver. Here are Jenny & me with each other's babies. Little Marianne is only 3 weeks younger than Hazel. So happy we got to see them!

Jill & Jenny & Hazel- it was so great to see these ladies & their families!

Me, Mom, Haley, Carly

We wrapped up the weekend by cooking out at our new pad. Here is Carly & Hazel on the screened in porch. Love Hazel's expression.

Well, the attempts to get a good shot of Lolli and all the grandkids are always entertaining, at least!

And, I will leave you with this little photo of sweet!

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