Monday, June 6, 2011

BBQs & Swimming Pools

Hi, friends, just thought I would check in. Wow, didn't realize it has been so long since I last posted. Oops! Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose?

Life is just ticking along for us here in Mississippi. We celebrated Memorial day weekend with lots of family, friends, good food, good music, golfing (Jeremy), and croquet. Jeremy had mentioned a while back that he wanted to smoke some ribs for the holiday weekend and somehow we looked up and there were 14 racks of ribs in our fridge. Thanks, Hal and Anne! :) We enjoyed having everyone over to hang out and are especially thankful for all of the brave men and women who have sacrificed and continue sacrificing so we can enjoy our freedom.

Let me tell you it is hot as blazes here in Jackson. We sure are thankful for the tree covering we've got going on in our backyard. It has definitely provided us some shelter from the sun over the past couple of weeks so Hutch is still able to play outside, even when the day is at its hottest. But, in efforts to keep the little fella cooled down, we bought him a sweet blow up swimming pool this past weekend. Jeremy even stepped in to cool down on Saturday. I tried to get him to sit down in it so I could take a picture him & Hutch. I wanted to send it out to everyone & label it "Livin' the High Life on the Rez." Hutch sure did enjoy it- especially picking up all of the sticks AROUND the pool to put INTO the pool with him. Not my idea of ideal swimming, but as Hutch now loves to say, "That's awesome." Hazel, on the other hand, didn't seem to have quite as much fun as her big brother, but she sure did look cute laid back in her nap-nanny catching some rays. Jeremy is convinced that if she could talk, she would have been saying, "You're not doing it right, Hutch."

In other news, we are so excited that Haley is home for a few days before heading off on her next adventure to Thailand. We will be so sad to see her go, especially because she will be gone for another year & a half, but knowing she is so excited makes it a bit easier. Carly & Ryder will be here on Wednesday, so I am hoping to get in alot of time with my sisters while everyone is in town. Yay for summer breaks! (No, I don't get one, and sometimes I am insanely jealous, but right now I am happy for those who get a few months off. )

Something else unrelated but kinda cute- Hutch had show 'n tell at school today. Big decision as to what bring. UNTIL I saw his guitar laying on the floor this morning. Let's just say he was rockin' out (foot tapping, focused look- everything) for a little crowd of 2 year olds when I left him at school this morning. Honestly, we will be lucky if that little guitar made it to show 'n tell today. And I say that only because I am pretty convinced that Hutch has been show'n and tell'n since I left him there & even we can only take so much of that toy guitar music. Well, who am I kidding, he can play that thing from dawn to dusk and we wouldn't care. But we also realize that we are his parents & as a teacher, you can only tolerate so much. Tomorrow Hutch gets to bring his fave ice cream topping, but he is really looking forward to Thursday b/c he gets Wendy's for lunch! Whew, whew! :)

I tried to attach a cute picture of the kiddos but was unsuccessful. Sorry! I promise my next post will be nothing but pictures of the two little ones. Happy Monday, everyone, and I hope y'all have lovely week!

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