Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend with the Troves

I was sooooo excited that my bestie, Alissa, came in to visit this weekend! I was also super excited that her Mama, my Mom's BFF, came in to visit, too! We had such a great time & are so blessed to count these 2 ladies as friends. Friday night we headed up to Hal & Mal's. Hutch, as always, loved groovin' to the band while munching on countless crackers and a grilled cheese. Hazel slept for a good portion of the night, but she woke up just in time to cut a rug with her Mama on the dance floor. Well, I guess there really isn't a dance floor, but we make our own. Alissa was able to show Hutch a few moves (if you know Alissa, you know she's got 'em.) We had a blast!

Saturday, we did some local shopping in Fondren & Madison. Then, Saturday evening we headed to my parents and then to The Mermaid for dinner. It was so tasty & we especially loved sipping a few cocktails out on the front porch. It was such a great weekend & we were sad to see our friends leave today but so glad they paid us a visit!

Alissa arranged this pair for a photo opp- Hazel is getting so big & her big brother just loves her more and more each day!

The Mamas at the Mermaid

Me & Alissa

Sorry the pic is so blurry- it was so dark, I had a hard time getting my camera to focus. But, this was a cute one, so I had to post.

We love this girl!

Just a swingin'

I wish I had taken more pics, but wouldn't you know that I lugged my big camera up to Hal and Mals only to discover I had left my memory card at home. At least we got a couple. We are gearing up for Jeremy's parents paying us a visit-they will be here Wed-Sun. We are so excited! I hope y'all have a lovely week! XOXO

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