Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ryder Turns One!!!

We had a great time in Houston this past weekend helping Ryder celebrate turning 1! It was a quick trip- we didn't get to Houston until around 3 AM Saturday morning, Yikes. BUT, it was all worth it to spend the weekend with Carly, Marc, and Ryder! Carly & Gloria decided to make the party a co-surprise party for Marc, as his birthday was Sunday. Well, everything was going according to plan until Marc called Carly when we were running errands to let her know there was a guy there to deliver a karaoke machine. We were just glad the margarita machine people hadn't showed up yet. :) They had such a great turnout & let me just tell you, next time I have a party, the first thing I am ordering is a karaoke machine. Or maybe next time we are just sitting around the house and have nothing to do. I am telling you- you think that singing karaoke in a bar is fun- well, you can just multiply that by 100 when you have a private one. F-U-N.

The theme for Ryder's party was "red wagons." And Marc's theme was "Texans." I mean, really, you couldn't plan better color coordinating. Here is Ryder's smash cake.
The sign in table
Check out the cute treat bags.
The new fireplace was perfect for hanging the Happy Birthday banner
We had quite a spread of food. And it was Mexican. This made my husband a very happy man. Isn't this a sweet kitchen?
Veronica & Hutch
Ryder & Daniella
Fisher enjoying some cool air.
Marc & AdrienThe centerpiece
Gloria had Texans jerseys made for the kiddos (Hazel kicked it with my parents in Jackson all weekend- we thought the quick trip may be a little much for her.) with the intentions of having them all wear them for a pic with Marc. While the pic of the jerseys actually on the kiddos didn't happen, I was able to get one of just the jerseys. :) I guess we will take what we can get- Gloria, you were so sweet to do this! Hutch wore his all day on Sunday!
Mamo, Ryder, and Gloria
How funny is this.
Wow. That hair is lookin' CRAZY!
Ryder didn't quite know what to think about his smash cake & everyone singing happy birthday.
He wouldn't even taste the cake. Poor little guy was a bit overwhelmed I think.

Uh-oh! Look who's got a hold of the mike! Hutch was a bit shy at first, but it didn't take long for him to start belting out his favorites, such as "Jesus Loves Me" and "Mary had a Little Lamb." We even found a few of his faves on the computer- "Barbara Ann" and "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Oh, and let me tell you, that little Jordan (or "Beyonce" as I hear she is called around her house) LOVED that microphone. She was so cute!

Makella even gave it a shot!
Alissa & Makella
Look at Hutch's expression & might I add, that foot was just a tappin' when I took this picture. I think he was excited that Ryder decided to join in on the fun.
Look at that trio!
Has anyone seen Ryder's birthday hat?
Hutch gettin' down with the pretty ladies.

Happy, happy birthday, Ryder! We are so blessed to have you in our lives & can't wait to see what this year has in store for you! We love you tons!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friends & Family

Whoa...has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted? Oops. Where has the time gone??? Well, since I last posted, we've been busy hanging out with friends & family. Hutch and Hazel are just growing like crazy. Hazel is rolling over constantly, sitting up, and figuring out that baby food tastes MUCH better than formula. She is still just all smiles from the minute she wakes up to the minute she puts her head down for the night. Last weekend, Leahbeth, Whit, and Caroline came over to spend the night with us. Hazel was so worn out, she could only manage to stay up for about an hour with Miss Caroline. After all the kiddos went to bed, we had quite a few laughs going through my old journal I kept in high school- we realized that we have it coming to us. I will just leave it at that!

Caroline and Hazel- or as my Mom said when she saw this, "It's little Leahbeth and little Lindsey!" Hazel after church last weekend- Laura Merrill, LOVE the dress!!! And it fits her perfectly!
Friday night, Mom and I took Hutch to the Braves game. While he wasn't too intriqued with the baseball portion of the baseball game, he loved eating a hot dog and ice cream out of a plastic hat. And bouncing in the bounce house. And the gift shop. And the nice man who gave him a foul ball in the parking lot. And the firetruck parked outside of the game. And the fireman who turned that firetruck's lights on just for Hutch. He had a big time. And we had just as much watching him take it all in. Jeremy hated he couldn't be there, but he was studying and keeping an eye on the Hazel girl.

Saturday night Tim, Jessie, Lia, and Jessie's family came over to eat dinner with us. We had so much fun and Jeremy cooked a brisket that was heavenly. My parents and Jan came over- it was a blast! Here's a pic of little Lia Rose. I couldn't get the lighting figured out on my camera, but you get the idea- she is super cute.

Jan, Tim, Jessie, and Lia

Matt, Veronica, Dad, and Mom

We've had a super lazy Sunday. We had planned on going to church today, however, Hutch woke up with a fever so we have not left the house. I am actually still in my pajamas. Not because it's 8:00 but because I just didn't get out of them today. :) That's ok- I am not ashamed. Everyone deserves a day in their pj's every now and then. Hutch still seems to be feeling bad and he started running fever again this afternoon, so we will probably start our week off at the dr's office tomorrow. We are heading to Houston with Hutch on Friday to help celebrate Ryder turning 1- yay!!! My parents are keeping Hazel since it is going to be a super short trip. Plus, we are all heading back to Houston for Labor Day weekend. Anyhoo, just wanted to drop in and say hello and let you know that I am still here! XOXO

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lynn and Doug Head South

We were so happy to spend the past few days with Jeremy's parents. They flew in Wed. night and stayed through today. While we were certainly sad to see them leave today; we were so happy they paid us a visit. Here are a few pics from their stay.

Hutch was excited to show his Grandpappy where he fishes every weekend. They even caught 3 catfish! The ladies hung out in the A/C all morning while the fellas sweated it out at the Point.

When they came back, Doug had to get some time in with Squeaks. And why, may you be asking, is she so happy to be inside of a Pampers box? Well, just see below, please...
Who wouldn't be happy with this set up????

While Hazel was being pulled in a Pampers box by a string in our garage, Hutch was having fun playing in just his underpants. That boy loves his snakes, that is for sure.

Hazel en route to my parent's house. How cute is that face.

Jan, my Mom, and Lynn in my parent's new living room.

Me with my Mom and my MIL!

Jeremy with his Mama

And here we have an example of what 2 polar opposite expressions look like. Haha, this is such a typical pic of my Dad. And, lately, this would be a typical pic of Hazel, as she is all smiles these days.

She's got legs!!!! And she knows how to use them!!! Had to get a picture of those cute thighs showing off her first pair of Sun 'N Sands

Love my husband! At The Mermaid

Mom & Jan

Hazel & her Monie

Lynn, me, Mee Maw swinging at The Mermaid

Mom & Hazel Claire

Jeremy trying to get a not-so-happy-I- am-tired-and-up-2-hours-past-my-bedtime Hazel to sleep.

We so enjoyed Lynn & Doug's visit. For the rest of y'all out there who don't live here- come and see us! We love company! :) Have a great week everyone!