Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friends & Family

Whoa...has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted? Oops. Where has the time gone??? Well, since I last posted, we've been busy hanging out with friends & family. Hutch and Hazel are just growing like crazy. Hazel is rolling over constantly, sitting up, and figuring out that baby food tastes MUCH better than formula. She is still just all smiles from the minute she wakes up to the minute she puts her head down for the night. Last weekend, Leahbeth, Whit, and Caroline came over to spend the night with us. Hazel was so worn out, she could only manage to stay up for about an hour with Miss Caroline. After all the kiddos went to bed, we had quite a few laughs going through my old journal I kept in high school- we realized that we have it coming to us. I will just leave it at that!

Caroline and Hazel- or as my Mom said when she saw this, "It's little Leahbeth and little Lindsey!" Hazel after church last weekend- Laura Merrill, LOVE the dress!!! And it fits her perfectly!
Friday night, Mom and I took Hutch to the Braves game. While he wasn't too intriqued with the baseball portion of the baseball game, he loved eating a hot dog and ice cream out of a plastic hat. And bouncing in the bounce house. And the gift shop. And the nice man who gave him a foul ball in the parking lot. And the firetruck parked outside of the game. And the fireman who turned that firetruck's lights on just for Hutch. He had a big time. And we had just as much watching him take it all in. Jeremy hated he couldn't be there, but he was studying and keeping an eye on the Hazel girl.

Saturday night Tim, Jessie, Lia, and Jessie's family came over to eat dinner with us. We had so much fun and Jeremy cooked a brisket that was heavenly. My parents and Jan came over- it was a blast! Here's a pic of little Lia Rose. I couldn't get the lighting figured out on my camera, but you get the idea- she is super cute.

Jan, Tim, Jessie, and Lia

Matt, Veronica, Dad, and Mom

We've had a super lazy Sunday. We had planned on going to church today, however, Hutch woke up with a fever so we have not left the house. I am actually still in my pajamas. Not because it's 8:00 but because I just didn't get out of them today. :) That's ok- I am not ashamed. Everyone deserves a day in their pj's every now and then. Hutch still seems to be feeling bad and he started running fever again this afternoon, so we will probably start our week off at the dr's office tomorrow. We are heading to Houston with Hutch on Friday to help celebrate Ryder turning 1- yay!!! My parents are keeping Hazel since it is going to be a super short trip. Plus, we are all heading back to Houston for Labor Day weekend. Anyhoo, just wanted to drop in and say hello and let you know that I am still here! XOXO


  1. So glad the dress fits!!! Still some of my favorite fabric ever....

  2. I know this probably doesn't mean much coming from someone who hasn't updated her blog in a really long time, but two weeks is way too long between posts for you. I'm going to need weekly or bi-weekly pics of Hutch and Hazel. Thanks sister! Love yoU!

    ps- looks like a fun family weekend! Wish I had been there!