Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lynn and Doug Head South

We were so happy to spend the past few days with Jeremy's parents. They flew in Wed. night and stayed through today. While we were certainly sad to see them leave today; we were so happy they paid us a visit. Here are a few pics from their stay.

Hutch was excited to show his Grandpappy where he fishes every weekend. They even caught 3 catfish! The ladies hung out in the A/C all morning while the fellas sweated it out at the Point.

When they came back, Doug had to get some time in with Squeaks. And why, may you be asking, is she so happy to be inside of a Pampers box? Well, just see below, please...
Who wouldn't be happy with this set up????

While Hazel was being pulled in a Pampers box by a string in our garage, Hutch was having fun playing in just his underpants. That boy loves his snakes, that is for sure.

Hazel en route to my parent's house. How cute is that face.

Jan, my Mom, and Lynn in my parent's new living room.

Me with my Mom and my MIL!

Jeremy with his Mama

And here we have an example of what 2 polar opposite expressions look like. Haha, this is such a typical pic of my Dad. And, lately, this would be a typical pic of Hazel, as she is all smiles these days.

She's got legs!!!! And she knows how to use them!!! Had to get a picture of those cute thighs showing off her first pair of Sun 'N Sands

Love my husband! At The Mermaid

Mom & Jan

Hazel & her Monie

Lynn, me, Mee Maw swinging at The Mermaid

Mom & Hazel Claire

Jeremy trying to get a not-so-happy-I- am-tired-and-up-2-hours-past-my-bedtime Hazel to sleep.

We so enjoyed Lynn & Doug's visit. For the rest of y'all out there who don't live here- come and see us! We love company! :) Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Nice pictures. We are looking forward to you all coming to Houston.