Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hutch and Hazel Love Their Dawgs

We headed to Starkville on Saturday to tailgate at the MSU v. LaTech game. It was so much fun, and despite the massive amount of people there (convinced that the tailgaters have quadrupled since I was in school there), we were able to relax and enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Hazel was especially excited as this was her first time to be on the MSU campus. She told me she wants to go to school there. Really? At such a young age, she already knows? I guess when you know- you just know.

Hutch, Ollie, and Hazel
Ollie and Hutch just a laughin'

Hazel showing off her 2 teeth with Jade

Hazel, Jade, and MJ

MJ loved kissing Hazel. I don't know where Hazel's Daddy was while all this was going on. :)

Action shot. I thought this was hilarious.

Hazel & Lolli

Trying to get a pic of everyone together was just about impossible. This was the closest we got. Rivers didn't seem to care, however.

Hazel was so sleepy, she just decided to catch a quick snooze.

The view of the stadium from our tailgate.

OH, she's up again! I knew that girl wouldn't miss out on too much action. Hazel, Lolli, and Rivers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Our Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us! It's been 4 wonderful years, and I look forward to celebrating many more with my awesome husband. I can truly say that 4 years ago I married my best friend! I love tons, Jeremy, and thank God for you daily! In case you are wondering what has happened in our lives within the past 4 years- here is a bulleted list (I know you were all hoping for this:)

  • Bought a House
  • Had a kiddo by the name of Hutch
  • Had 2nd kiddo by the name of Hazel (aka Squeaks)
  • Decided to move to Jackson
  • Rented said bought house
  • Became renters, again.
  • Got new jobs

    Phew. That wore me out just typing it. :) Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shacked Up at The Shack Up

Clarksdale, MS. Someone once said, "Out of all the towns in Mississippi that I have visited, this is by far the coolest." Who said that, you may be wondering? That would be my husband! We decided to head to Clarksdale to spend the weekend at The Shack Up Inn to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Huge thanks to my parents for entertaining H & H while we were gone. We had an absolute blast and can't say enough positive things about this wonderful little town. We ate delish food, drank incredibly cheap, cold beer, took in some blues, and met some great people.

While I certainly wouldn't classify The Shack Up Inn as a 5 star hotel, we fell in love with this little gem of a "beer and breakfast" as it is so notably self-proclaimed. We were glad to trade in daily house-keeping, a spa jacuzzi tub, and a continental breakfast for the laid-back, low-maintenance, atmosphere of The Shack Up. Here are few pics from our trip. Forgive the quality- it is all I can do to keep from throwing our computer out the window right now. I am having problems pulling up Picassa so I can't do any editing. This will also explain my minimum commentary, as it is taking me about 15 minutes to type one sentence. Arghhh...

Our Shack, the "Office Shack"
The view from our porch

Our cozy little palace for the weekend. Coffee pot- check. Mini fridge- check. It doesn't take much to make us happy.

This was parked out front.

The Crossroads

Ground Zero Blues Club

The Juke Joint Chapel at The Shack Up

A few shacks Jeremy taking it all in on the porch of The Juke Joint

Inside of the Juke Joint

"Dollar Bill" This fella was quite the character- he had us rolling. He had some stories, let me tell you.

Inside Ground Zero BC. I just thought this was cool.

The "Mule Man"

The bathroom inside Ground Zero. This is what the whole place looked like. I wish I'd had a Sharpie on me.

The front porch at Ground Zero BC.

Redd's Lounge. We heard "Watermelon Slim" play here. And while we thought he had tossed back a few too many to play; we were pretty impressed with the overall performance.

Yes, you do see a tv playing. And, if I had taken a better picture, you would possibly be able to see it was Nick at Night. Pretty interesting.

Another pic from The Shack Up.

Can't wait to go back!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Utica Makes Me Smile

Most of you have probably never heard of Utica, MS. It's a little bitty town just outside of Raymond, MS. Most of you have probably never even heard of Raymond, MS. :)

Anyways, I have spent many a day in the special little town of Utica. Mainly on my Grandparent's cotton farm. When I was little, I would spend a week at a time there. My sisters would ask to go, and often I insisted that they stay home so I could have my grandparents ALL to myself. Between the delish home cooking and truck rides and shooting the gun and taking in that beautiful cotton and watching the crop dusters fly amazingly close to the ground and most importantly my Grandparent's patience and endless love- Utica was just a place where time seemed to slow down and where I have just always felt at peace. Probably my fondest memory (and I have ALOT to choose from here- several of which rank pretty high up there) is sitting on my Paw Paw's tailgate, perched on just a bit of higher land than everything else, watching the sun set behind the pines that outlined his cotton fields. It was just the two of us and endless country. What a feeling. I can specifically remember his arm heavy around my shoulders as we just sat silently gazing out into the wide open. We saw Haley's Comet out in that same field. I remember him telling me that I would be 65 the next time Haley's comet came around. I was 5 at the time. I can just remember thinking how OLD that was- 65 was out of my realm of thinking.

One reason I was so excited about moving back home was the ability to spend alot of time in Utica. It has always been really important to me that my children experience what I experienced running around in wide, open spaces and smelling pure, clean air. While there may not been cotton spurting out of that dirt anymore. And some of the old dusty roads may be grown over- the feeling is just the same. My Grandparents are such selfless, loving people and seeing the joy that Hutch & Hazel bring to them makes me smile from the inside-out! I feel so privledged and blessed not only for the time I have been able to spend with my Grandparents in Utica, but for the opportunities that lay ahead for my children to run free in that special place and have their own lives touched by these 2 very special people. What a great weekend we had!

All smiles.

Looks like they have their hands full, wouldn't you say?
Sunday was such a beautiful day- I tried to capture the leaves falling but, of course, a still image doesn't justify it!

The old swingset- there used to be an old slide at the end of this and Mee Maw always had plenty of baby powder on hand to make our slide down just a wee bit faster. We would be covered in that stuff from head to toe.

The Hutch-Man

I think he was pretending to be fishing. In the bird bath.
Well, I tried to make him smile.

Me and my little fella.

Hutch took a swing at Aunt Syble's.

Out in the pasture. While I couldn't get a pic of them both smiling, I was thrilled that they were both looking at the camera.

The old chicken house.

Love this...

Smiles! They love each other SO much!

Love this.

Up to no good??? For the record, there is no telling what these 2 are discussing.

Driving the John Deer

Look at Hazel smiling up at her Paw Paw. And Hutch cuttin' up. In just his MS State tee and underpants.

This actually has nothing to do with Utica, but it is totally blog-worthy due to Hazel's expression. Look at that smile! Have a great week everyone!