Friday, September 9, 2011

Houston, revisited!

We headed back to Houston this past weekend to spend Labor Day with the fam. My parents took H & H with them when they left Friday afternoon. Jeremy & I headed out after work. It was a fun, relaxing weekend, and we so enjoyed seeing everyone. Here a few snaphots from our trip.

Jeremy, Hutch, and Alissa at our fave Houston spot- The Rajun Cajun.

The Ramirez's!

Even though she is only 8 months, Hazel loves the Rajun Cajun. Of course, this was taken before she projectile vomited all over me & the floor. Apparently she doesn't love Captains Wafer crackers as much as she loves the Cajun.

Me & Jenn

Jeremy, Hutch, and me. Hazel was buckled in to her high chair and most likely chowing down on those Captains Wafers when this was taken.

Me & my besties!!!

Mom & my other Mama, Shannon


Love. This.

Check out these jammies! My friend, Kelly, gave these to Hazel forever ago and I am so glad I pulled them out b/c they fit perfectly! I don't think I have ever seen Hazel grin so big over sleepwear.

Ryder & Hazel... first thing in the AM!

All the cousins enjoying Ryder's bday presents. I don't know what Hutch was saying as this was being taken, but I am sure he was very kindly giving out instructions.

Love that sweet smile.

My Dad's birthday is actually today (Happy Birthday, Dad!), but we surprised him with a cake on Sunday night. He was so surprised, he just sang along with everyone else, while looking around to see who we were all singing for. It was pretty funny.

We are heading to see Gran tomorrow, then going to Utica to spend Saturday night. Looking forward to see the Dawgs play!! Beat Auburn!!!! Have a great weekend!

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