Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hutch and Hazel Love Their Dawgs

We headed to Starkville on Saturday to tailgate at the MSU v. LaTech game. It was so much fun, and despite the massive amount of people there (convinced that the tailgaters have quadrupled since I was in school there), we were able to relax and enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Hazel was especially excited as this was her first time to be on the MSU campus. She told me she wants to go to school there. Really? At such a young age, she already knows? I guess when you know- you just know.

Hutch, Ollie, and Hazel
Ollie and Hutch just a laughin'

Hazel showing off her 2 teeth with Jade

Hazel, Jade, and MJ

MJ loved kissing Hazel. I don't know where Hazel's Daddy was while all this was going on. :)

Action shot. I thought this was hilarious.

Hazel & Lolli

Trying to get a pic of everyone together was just about impossible. This was the closest we got. Rivers didn't seem to care, however.

Hazel was so sleepy, she just decided to catch a quick snooze.

The view of the stadium from our tailgate.

OH, she's up again! I knew that girl wouldn't miss out on too much action. Hazel, Lolli, and Rivers.

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