Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Getaway

Gasp. I know what you're thinking.... TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK???? I couldn't not wish you all a Happy Labor Day weekend, could I? What are y'all's plans? We are heading to Houston again to hang out with friends & family. My parents headed out with H & H around 1 today, and we are leaving as soon as Jeremy scoops me up from work.

I thought I would leave you on this Friday-before-a-long-weekend with a couple of pictures that demonstrate how Hutch has kept us especially busy lately:

Why wouldn't you draw all over the walls with your crayons? Our little artist has decided that his creativity must not be contained with his Elmo coloring book. I mean, really, Hutch, don't you know this house is a rental? :) Doesn't he look so proud? Good thing the Magic Eraser was invented. Because it works WONDERS. And, believe me, I have had to do some erasin' over the past few weeks.
Fantastic! Hutch found the Beadreauxs Butt Paste! And he proceeded to rub it all over him! And his favorite Ikea alligator who is now longer his favorite because we had to put him in the trash!

Sometimes you just need a reminder (or a few) to realize why you are so blessed to have a little boy in your house. When seeing all of this for the first time, all I could do was just start laughing. I am sure that will really teach him to act right! But, it is just so funny because he is ALL BOY. And I love it! We wouldn't trade this little fella (or his little sister for that matter) or any of these hilarious moments for anything. Jeremy & I have no idea what we did to entertain ourselves before we had kids. Hope your weekend is filled with laughter & maybe just a little bit of mischief! :)

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