Monday, September 19, 2011

Shacked Up at The Shack Up

Clarksdale, MS. Someone once said, "Out of all the towns in Mississippi that I have visited, this is by far the coolest." Who said that, you may be wondering? That would be my husband! We decided to head to Clarksdale to spend the weekend at The Shack Up Inn to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Huge thanks to my parents for entertaining H & H while we were gone. We had an absolute blast and can't say enough positive things about this wonderful little town. We ate delish food, drank incredibly cheap, cold beer, took in some blues, and met some great people.

While I certainly wouldn't classify The Shack Up Inn as a 5 star hotel, we fell in love with this little gem of a "beer and breakfast" as it is so notably self-proclaimed. We were glad to trade in daily house-keeping, a spa jacuzzi tub, and a continental breakfast for the laid-back, low-maintenance, atmosphere of The Shack Up. Here are few pics from our trip. Forgive the quality- it is all I can do to keep from throwing our computer out the window right now. I am having problems pulling up Picassa so I can't do any editing. This will also explain my minimum commentary, as it is taking me about 15 minutes to type one sentence. Arghhh...

Our Shack, the "Office Shack"
The view from our porch

Our cozy little palace for the weekend. Coffee pot- check. Mini fridge- check. It doesn't take much to make us happy.

This was parked out front.

The Crossroads

Ground Zero Blues Club

The Juke Joint Chapel at The Shack Up

A few shacks Jeremy taking it all in on the porch of The Juke Joint

Inside of the Juke Joint

"Dollar Bill" This fella was quite the character- he had us rolling. He had some stories, let me tell you.

Inside Ground Zero BC. I just thought this was cool.

The "Mule Man"

The bathroom inside Ground Zero. This is what the whole place looked like. I wish I'd had a Sharpie on me.

The front porch at Ground Zero BC.

Redd's Lounge. We heard "Watermelon Slim" play here. And while we thought he had tossed back a few too many to play; we were pretty impressed with the overall performance.

Yes, you do see a tv playing. And, if I had taken a better picture, you would possibly be able to see it was Nick at Night. Pretty interesting.

Another pic from The Shack Up.

Can't wait to go back!

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  1. The Shack Up beer....You're not "redneck" as my father-in-law says, you are "refined Southern gentry" (euphemistic term for redneck of course). Happy Anniversary.