Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family, Friends, and Football

We have had a blast the past couple of weekends spending time with family & friends. Carly, Marc, and Ryder came in a couple of weekends ago & we had so much fun just hanging out at my parents watching football. Here are a few pics from their trip:

Ryder & Hazel just a laughin'

Look at this sweet face.
My sweet Hazel

Up to no good, I am sure.

Hutch is going to teach Ryder alot of things. :)

Just playing on the patio!

Jessie & her sweet Lia Rose

Carly & Lia

We took about 20 pictures and there was not one where everyone was looking at the camera. Imagine that!

Patio time!

I think this is hilarious. And, yes, in case you are wondering- Hutch is in his underpants and cowboy boots.

The fair!

Hutch loved the slide

And Hazel loved the goats.


Hutch was an excellent driver.

But he especially loved the motorcycles.

We headed to Starkville this past weekend for the MSU v. USC game. My parents kept the kiddos all weekend so we could hang out with old friends. They came up for the game on Saturday so we had a blast spending time with everyone. And, I was really excited that alot of my college friends were able to meet H & H. The game was at 11, so we made it to the tailgate just in time to see the marching band enter the stadium.

My Mom scored us tickets to the Farm Bureau suite. I decided that is definitely the way to go. :) We had food, a private bathroom, a/c, a great view, and lots of room for Hutch to exert all the energy he could.

Football & mac 'n cheese. What more could you ask for.

Hazel said she thinks we should try get a suite everytime we go to a game.

And, Hutch met 2 cute blondes that he flirted with during the whole game.


We tried to get a good pic.

Hazel loved Ginger.

College friends! Ginger, me, Laura, and Kim- love these girls!

And Hutch loves his Ollie Cook.

Hazel & Rivers

Once again, thanks to my parents for watching Hutch & Hazel so we could have a weekend to ourselves! We had so much fun hanging out with friends all weekend. Have a great week!

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