Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Fall

I haven't blogged about random stuff in a while, so I thought I was due. Here are some really random things that have & are going on with us right now. I would have loved to have created a separate post for some of these items, however, I just don't know where the time goes? Plus, take however long it would take me to normally write a blog x an hour b/c that is how our laptop is rollin' these days. I keep threatening Jeremy that he may wake up one morning to find it under one of the tires of my Outlook. So, here we go....

1. The Jackson Zoo. Poor, poor Jackson Zoo. What happened to you? What happened to all of your luster? No seals? No elephants? No elephant slide at the Discovery Zone? And what happened to the hippos? I LOVED the hippos! Hutch didn't seem to mind the lack of all the above mentioned. He had a ball & if you were to ask him what his favorite thing was (which btw, is his new thing- he has a "favorite" everything.) he would say "the goats." I was not particularly impressed by the goats, but to each his own I suppose. I guess that is why they have more than one animal at the zoo. Sure would be a bit boring if we all had the same favorite. ANYWAYS... While I am on my soap box- $4.50 for an icee??? Is that some sort of sick joke? What if I don't want 46 oz of icee? What if I only want 12? Guess it was just a sign I needed that bottled water more. It was pretty neat that we visited the zoo while the Air Show was going on- we got to see lots of planes but avoided the extreme noise. And, the train was still pretty cool. I'm not gonna lie- I felt a little tingle of excitement as we pushed towards that old run down tunnel. Really, I am glad we went and visited the zoo as it has been a looooong time since I had last been- it was just a bit sad to see it in such rough shape. I would LOVE to post some pics. BUT, I don't have any. This time I brought my camera but left my battery at home. Boo.

2. THE FAIR IS HERE! THE FAIR IS HERE!!!! Ask my husband. No one is more excited about this than me. I mean, I am really, really excited. Like talk about it 10 times a day excited. What I am most excited about is the food, taking Hutch on rides, and showing Jeremy what a special place the MS Fair is. Ok, well, the last one may be a stretch- I know he will not be too impressed with the fair. He's been to the Texas State Fair, people. He knows fairs. BUT, I am still excited to recommend my fave fair foods and try to convince him to ride some rides with me.

3. Carly, Marc, & Ryder will be here on Saturday! Yay! My Mom has an appt for the 3 little ones to get their pics made Saturday, so that should be real interesting. Hopefully, she will get some cute ones. What will they be sporting, you ask? Well, right now, we are going with a denim & white thermal shirt for the boys & Hazel has a darling little cute denim dress that she hasn't worn yet. And, for the 2nd shoot, we are going with an MSU theme. Go Dawgs.

4. H & H Update- Hutch can count to 10 in Spanish, he knows his months of the year, days of the week, and he told me to "eat your food, big girl" the other night (I quickly requested that he not call me that in the future). He still loves his Elmo, his "dabadeaux", and we are working on potty training. We all know the way to that boy's heart is food, so we have a giant bag of jelly beans by the sink in the guest bathroom to use as motivation. Hazel had her 9 month appt. Friday and she is just a busy little bee. She hit 2o pounds (whew, whew!) and is crawling EVERYWHERE! She is really just a trip- that girl is laughing & smiling ALL THE TIME, I tell you. She loves, loves, loves Hutch and is constantly wanting to be in the middle of whatever is going on. She is the sweetest little thing. And, she is finally getting some hair, so you will most likely be seeing bows from this point forward. As in always. Because I have been super excited about bows. They are truly the light of our lives and it has been such a pleasure watching them grow and experience new things each day. Love them.

Well, that is all for today- hope everyone has a lovely Friday eve and a lovelier weekend! Adios!

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