Friday, October 28, 2011


Even though Hazel has been sick the past week, Hutch has been living it up and loving this fall weather. (Hazel is much better now, btw, and back to her old self!) We were so excited Jeremy's Mom made a trip in last Thursday to stay the weekend. They took Hutch to a Dude Ranch in Poplarville, MS, and he had a great time riding ponies, encountering a free-roaming pig (not sure if he considered this great but I sure have enjoyed hearing him re-tell the experience over and over again), and rolling around in a corn box. I hated I couldn't go, but I certainly did enjoy spending the day with my Hazel-girl, even though she was feeling a bit under-the-weather. Here are a few photos from the past week.

We made a trip to Utica on Sunday so Lynn could see my grandparent's place and land. We were able to come in for church & enjoy some of my grandmother's delish cooking afterwards. We then spent about an hour roaming around the beautiful countryside in my grandfather's pick up truck. Ah, I love, love, love that place.

Hutch loves our fall decorations, especially "Hutch" and "Hazel," his scarecrow friends.

All smiles in Utica last Sunday before heading to the fall festival.
Little boots.

Jeremy and his sweet Mama.

I love my minature cowboy!

Hutch, Me, Mee Maw, Paw Paw, Jeremy, and Lynn spending the day in Utica.

Hutch loved alot of things at the Utica Fall Festival, but I think the cotton candy ranked pretty high on his list.

Face Painting!

And more face painting! Hutch wanted ALL of the colors on his face.

I don't know about y'all, but I am SOOO excited it is Friday. We don't have too much planned this weekend. I think we are going to hit up fall festival #4 on Saturday in my parent's neighborhood. Hazel is pretty pumped because this will be the first one she can actually attend. I am heading to Greenville tomorrow with my Mom to help celebrate Laura Merrill's upcoming wedding with a ladies' brunch. We are getting geared up for Halloween on Monday- yay, I am so excited! I feel like a kid again. Hutch is going to get to dress up as a cowboy, yet again. And, Hazel will be looking super cute in her ladybug costume. My parents are coming over, along with Tim, Jessie, and their sweet Lia to hang out and hand out candy. The weather should be getting cooler this weekend, so it definitely will feel like fall! I hope y'all have a great weekend! XOXO

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