Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

We have had a great time gearing up for Halloween this year. Here are Hutch & Hazel in their Halloween outfits I ordered off Etsy. Unfortunately, Hazel only wore her dress for about 10 minutes. Good thing it should work as a shirt next year.
Our little ladybug is on the move! Levi isn't quite sure what to think of the little critter.

Hazel wants to know where her candy is.

This cowboy's just takin' a break.

Love. This.

Our sweet little kiddos in their Halloween gear.

Family Pic! Look at Hutch smiling at his Daddy. And look at the Hazel girl smiling at her Lolli (you can't see her but she was doing everything she could to get those two to smile.)

Look! It's Minnie Mouse! We were so excited that Tim, Jessie, and Lia came over to help us celebrate Halloween.

Hutch & his loot. It was quite a successful night, I must say. Of course, we did have to have a quick "Halloween Etiquette 101" pretty quick into the evening, as Hutch would just march right into people's homes. Once he figured out (& it didn't take long) how this whole "Trick or Treat" thing works, he was pretty excited.

Hope your Halloween was full of fun, too! Having kiddos, especially one little guy who really got it this year, made it such a great night. And we were even more blessed to spend it with wonderful family and friends. Here's to a great November & gearing up for the holidays!


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  1. Looooove these pics!!! Hazel is the cutest ladybug I've ever seen! Ask Hutch to send me some of his candy!