Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Texas Tour

How far did y'all drive over Thanksgiving? I think we put 1 million miles on my car. Really. Ok, maybe not. But we drove ALOT. It was all well worth it, however, as we had so much fun hanging out with Jeremy's fam. We were so fortunate to be able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Texas. I certainly missed everyone at Luckett, however, we had a ball traveling to Brownwood & Odessa to see those we wish we could see more often. Here are a few pics from our trip:

Hazel's first Thanksgiving meal! She loved it. As in everything. Can you tell??

Hutch made a friend while at Nanny Pat & Paw Paw Bill's. Shame we had to leave him behind. ;)
Check out the creek behind the house- it is completely dry!

Hutch wishing he could catch some fish. And, I felt like I owed you all a sepia. It's been a while, you know.

The only Thanksgiving pic I could manage to get of H & H together

Hazel couldn't wait to get her hands on the Black Friday ads.

WHAT? No Target ad in the Brownwood paper??? I think I had the same expression. Boo!

Love this- Nanny Pat & Paw Paw Bill with the kiddos the day we left. We have a picture of these 4 in the same spot that was taken back in Feb. Those kiddos look a wee bit bigger now. Sniff, sniff.

Hutch being silly

And.......Hazel being silly

The best pic I could get of Nanny Alma & the kiddos in Odessa. I think Hazel is mid-clap and Hutch is eating something (really?!)

Only a true cowboy could pull this look off. And, he is still eating something. His poor wife is certainly going to have to spend some time in the kitchen b/c the way to this boy's heart is food for sure.

I hope you were all surrounded by the ones you love during Thanksgiving!



  1. I don't know what it is (maybe the sentimental Christmas music playing in the background) but I got teary-eyed seeing the pic of Nanny, PaPa and y'alls kids. Mom said Hazel looked just like Jeremy, to which I said, "No, No, she looks JUST like Lindsey!" But now that I just saw the pics, yeah, it looks like she has Jeremy's look for sure.

  2. Thanks, Kim...I know, we love that pic of the 4 of them. We have the same one up on our fridge from back in Feb. and we can't believe how much they have grown since then. And, Hazel, is definitely looking more and more like her Daddy everyday. Which is fine with me. :) Miss you guys!