Monday, December 12, 2011

Wedding Bells & Birthday Cake

We had alot of fun celebrating this weekend. We started off celebrating Laura Merrill & Brandon's marriage at their wedding in Greenwood. BTW, definitely need to spend more time in Greenwood- cute little town & maybe just a bit disappointed I didn't have time to take in a toddy at the Alluvian. Regardless, Laura Merrill looked absolutely STUNNING and the ceremony & reception were beautiful. It was great to see my cuz so happy! I had full intentions of taking ALOT of pictures. But, I only managed to get a couple. And they don't even include the bride. If you want to see just how amazing Laura Merrill looked, you can check out a pic or two on her blog. Would you believe that Hutch's crush's band actually played at the reception? Yes, that is a fact. We were so excited (esp Hutch) to see Swing 'de Paris (probably really messed up that spelling) when we entered the reception hall.

Hutch & Paw Paw.

Sweet Hazel entertaining her Lolli. OR is it perhaps the other way around?
Mom, "Mama Henny", Hutch & Hazel. I think Hazel's expression is priceless.

Sunday, we headed over to the Lees' to celebrate Rivers turning the big ONE! Hazel loves her Pop and Uncle Hal. And she loves her shirt that Auntie Alissa made for her!

Happy Birthday, Rivers!
Ollie, Hutch, and Danni...chowing down.

All the kiddos!

Things are certainly gearing up here for Christmas! We are super excited about Carly, Marc, and Ryder coming in next weekend! Yay! Hope all of you have a great week! XOXO!


  1. What kind of hat is dad wearing!? Is that normal for him now? I love the pictures... Hutch is such a ladies' man! Are him and Ollie still in love? I wish I was coming to Mississippi next week!

  2. Haley, that is so, the first time I have seen the hat! I really liked it, though!!! I thought Dad was stylin'! Love you tons & will certainly miss you SO much next week! I know you are so looking forward to seeing Mom! Love you!