Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Can y'all believe Christmas has come and gone? We had such a great time over Christmas. Hutch did an outstanding performance with his first school program. We were so excited that Lolli could join us to watch it. He had several speaking parts, and you know Hutch- he certainly isn't a shy one, so he hammed it up the whole time. Here are a few pics from after the show.

We spent several nights with my parents over Christmas & we had a ball. I know my parents were thrilled to have everyone at their house for 4 nights, but I am sure they were a teensy bit happy to see us hit the road, too. It was loud in that house. And we constantly ate. But it sure was fun....I think the kiddos were a bit overwhelmed with their presents- they have apparently been VERY good this year. Jeremy said there may have been some sort of clerical error in the North Pole that worked out in Hutch's favor. :) Haley, we missed you TONS! You better be there for Christmas 2013!!!

Bath time pics. Those 3 love their baths.

It sure is tough being Ryder & Hutch.
This is what Marc was able to create after only a couple of margaritas!
Hutch played with these leggos the whole weekend. I think he even slept with them.
Hazel waiting ever so patiently for her Christmas Eve dinner.
I am sure the word "snacks" was used in this picture-taker based upon this smile.
Ruffle bottom!
Christmas present overload!
One of the first gifts we bought Hutch this year. Jeremy told Hutch that the way to every woman's heart is through an accordion.
Ryder's new ride! I hope he's got his license!
Hutch showing off a few of his new gifts. Fire truck shirt- check. Elmo slippers- check. Name puzzle- check!
Look at these 2 musicians. And, yes, they are wearing matching outfits. Totally unintentional, by the way. We got them ready in separate bedrooms & when we all got ready to go, we discovered they were wearing the same thing! Luckily, they are still young enough where this is considered cute. AND, yes, Hutch IS wearing a coon-skin hat. Bet you don't see that on top of someone's head playing a piano too often!
Hazel enjoying her Christmas dinner in Utica.
Little table!
Hazel loves to show off her "UP" and "DOWN" motions.
Hutch sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" for everyone.
Of course, Hutch thought Hazel's pony was his. So, here he is with Ryder giving her a spin.
Jeremy's parents & Kaleb came in Thursday to spend New Year's with us. Here is a pic of our tree that Jeremy took. I have been meaning to take one since I put it up, but I just never got around to it!
Kaleb with his Christmas presents.
Hutch & his Monie.
Hutch got a new horse, too!!!
We hope that all of you were able to spend your Christmas surrounded by those you love. Here's to a blessed 2012!!!


  1. Awe sister we LOVED this blog! Marc read it first and told me that I needed to look at it. What great pictures! i love how Hazel always seemed to be patiently waiting for dinner! haha! That was such an awesome week! Haley, forget better be there for 2012. I know it won't be ON Christmas, but it will be at some point! Love u!

  2. Hey there! I think I outsmarted blogger and am able to post comments again. Thank goodness, I didn't want you to think I wasn't keeping up with your blog! I love all of the pictures...looks like ya'll had a fantastic Christmas! I am so glad you get to live closer to your family-especially during the holidays. However, I do miss you here! Love ya bunches! Give those precious babies kisses for me! xoxo