Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grands & Great-Grands

Jeremy headed to Austin this weekend to help Jarrod celebrate his birthday. Although I was SUPER jealous, we were able to easily entertain ourselves at my parents and grandparent's all weekend. Here are some pics that I took:

Hutch sitting out in the yard in the new chair my parents bought for him. Just taking a break from picking up sticks!

Big boy with his snacks. And, representing his 2 favorite teams, if you didn't notice!

Hutch was so excited that Pop let him help mow the grass on his "big tractor." I am not sure who had more fun- Hutch or my Dad.

Hutch had so much fun, I am almost tempted to jump on that mower next time. Almost.

Hehe. This is probably one of those pics that Hazel will hate me for later.

One of Hazel's signature expressions.

Hazel caught my Dad waving to her while out in the yard & this was her response....ahhh, melts my little heart!

This look means, "Oh, don't mess with me brother! I'm the captain of this ship!" And look at sweet Hutch. Oh, poor thing....as soon as Hazel can formulate words, we are going to have a new sheriff in town.


And, I couldn't resist another one. Hatless. Just so y'all can see all that blonde hair. You probably notice there is no ribbon. Hazel hates ribbons. So, I am now waiting for pigtails. :)

Hazel loved the Cozy Coop. Actually, she really did like it, not that you can tell from this photo.

Big smiles! And something wierd going on with the angles of this pic. So, just focus on the big smiles, please.

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Utica

Practice makes perfect, right?

We found a big stick!

Hazel entertaining. OR maybe it's the other way around.

Best group shot I could get

So excited about this weekend- Jeremy & I are headed to Clarksdale with my parents to celebrate my birthday! As you may know, we LOVE Clarksdale, so we are so excited about going again & taking my parents with us this time. It should be a blast! Will post pics soon!


  1. What great pictures. Glad ya'll had a fun weekend. Be sure to keep me posted on your next trip to Austin! Hugs to you!

  2. BTW-I LOVE the new layout of your blog and the new picture! SOOOOOOOO stinkin' cute!!!

  3. Thanks so much (AS ALWAYS!!:) Amy! It took me forever to do- considering it had been almost a year since I had updated the format/ heading pic, I was overdue. I get so frustrated EVERY time trying to figure out how to do everything. That being said, you will most likely not see another layout update for about another year. :) Hugs to you too & thanks for being so sweet!