Friday, February 17, 2012

We Heart Weekends!

Mom, Jan, Hutch, and I headed over to Baton Rouge a few weeks ago to meet up with Carly & Ryder. We had no plans & just enjoyed kickin' it at the hotel for the night. It was so nice & relaxing & it was so much fun watching Hutch & Ryder hang out. If you read Carly's blog, this is obviously old news, but better late than never! Here are Hutch & Ryder with their light sabers that Lolli bought them. I picked them out. And everyone loved me for it. :) This would be Reason #1 why Hutch's light saber is now hidden in his closet. What was I thinking? Ryder was too busy trying to figure out how out it worked.
Love. This. Sweet. Face. And check out those THIGHS!

So, Hutch thought it was really funny to touch his toes so we could all see Thomas on his underpants. (And, NO, we were not egging him on by yelling "CHOO! CHOO!!") So, then, Ryder thought it was really funny and he would touch his toes, too. But, as you can see, I was never able to catch a good shot of both of them with my camera. Carly managed to get one, though.

AND, now Hutch is doing it.

This went on for about 5 minutes. Hutch would touch his toes, then Ryder would touch his. There was lots of laughing & shouting during all of this, if you can imagine.

Cousins!!! Up to no good, I am sure.

Totally engrossed in cartoons. I mean, we are talking in the zone here.

Cheesin it up so I will stop requesting him to "say cheeeeeese" for the camera & he can get back to his cartoons, uninterrupted.

Last weekend, we took Hutch to the Dixie National Rodeo parade. It was FREEZING! I know what y'all are thinking....what about Hazel? Don't worry- while we were in BR, she got to spend some quality time with her Daddy. And, we were going to take her to the parade but it was SO cold and we knew she would be miserable. My next post will be all about Hazel, I promise!

WHOA! Check out those beads!!!! Someone racked up!

Here she is! We had fun with hats on Sunday!

Hope this finds all of you doing well- so glad it is finally Friday. Yay! Have a great one, everybody!


  1. Cute, cute, cute kids! I love the cousins pics, they look like such best friends! Fun!!!

  2. I agree... Hutch and Ryder are the cutest together!! Your hair looks so cute in the rodeo picture.. I love it curly! Give those little kiddos a big hug from their favorite aunt in Thailand!