Monday, March 5, 2012

32 at the Electric Blue

That's right, my friends. I hit the big 3-2 this weekend, and I was so excited to celebrate it with my parents & husband at the Electric Blue Shack in Clarksdale. As expected, we had an absolute blast. And, while I was a bit worried that The Shack Up may be a little too much (or maybe the better word to use here would be "less") than what my parents were in for- we were ecstatic to discover that loved it just as much as we did. Especially after they discovered that the funk in the bathtub was, in fact, just hard water stains or "permanent" funk or whatever you want to call it- it didn't come off when I swiped it with my fingers, so that was good. :)

We arrived at the Electric Blue Shack on Friday night & immediately headed over to Ground Zero Blues Club for some dinner and adult beverages. Jimbo Mathis was playing & it was an awesome show (fave lyrics- "Vicksburg's way up on a hiiiiiillllllll........and Jackson's down below...." We were feelin' the rhythm. I even danced a little jig out on that dance floor all by myself. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

My sweet parents!
We met our new friend, Chip, Saturday morning, and he happened to be doing some construction over at the Hopson Commissary. He gave us a little tour- oh my gosh, this place is a GEM, I tell you. It was like sensory overload. So much to see! Haircut, anyone?
It's like you're outside, but you're not. Ok, not really...but the trees were a cool touch.

I could just picture me here with a strong drink nodding along to some good blues.
The stage at the Commissary
You can even check your mail upon arrival.

Our new friend, Chip, gave us a tour of the Hopson & even took us up top to get some good pictures.
Look! It's where we stayed last time! Well, kinda- you can see the front porch.
It's Chip! And my parents & Jeremy

The porch off our room
Oh yeah! It's a shack! But it's kinda a trailer, too!
More shacks....I've got my eye on the last one to the right for our next visit. Anyone up for a dip? Apparently, this used to be a functioning pool. We heard that the owners used to lounge around in tubes during the hot delta summers.
Love it. Not sure what he was laughing it, but it was really funny at the time.

This is where our friend/ bartender/ gift shop operator/ coffee maker/ check-er in-er, Allen, stays.
Check out these cool guys! And, yes, Jeremy does have a home-made bandage on his finger. Don't ask. Some of us went home with battle wounds.

I think this is the newest "shack," the "Sky Shack." It is supposed to be really nice, actually.

If you happened to be looking for us Saturday afternoon, this is where you would have found us!
It's me! And I'm 32!
Super excited....
I love my Mom & Dad!

Such a welcoming sight after a long day. :)
The band that played at Rust Saturday night- they even sang me a bday song!
The delta sunrise through a dirty shack window.
Our living room. The picture by the light reads, "It's hard to be humble when you're from Mississippi."
We left our mark!
The Loft, owned and operated by the Commissary. Our friend, Chip, stayed there Friday night and gave us a tour Sat. morning.
Remember the bathtub I mentioned? Yeah, the sink wasn't much better. BUT, I did the finger-swipe test & confirmed it was in fact, clean!
Our front porch decor.
So long, Electric Blue!

Huge shout out to my Aunt Jan & Grandparents for keeping and entertaining The H's while we were gone. We appreciate it more than you know! Thanks again, Shack Up, for an amazing, relaxed weekend. See ya in 6 months!


  1. Ok, WE WANT TO GO!!! That looks like so much fun!! Love the pics!!

  2. I want to go, too!! I am really grossed out that you swiped the grime with your FINGER!! Get a tissue, sister! Love the pics... sign up to plan the next reunion and we can all stay in different shacks! Hahahah!

  3. Happy belated Birthday!!! I am glad ya'll had such a good time for your birthday--that place looks SO COOL!!! I am with Carly...I want to go too! :)