Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whatcha watchin'?

Hi, friends! I heart my DVR. We went 8 months without it when we moved here. I don't really watch much TV. And I am not trying to take the High Road here by implying that "Oh, I am just too busy" or "I don't really like it" or "there are so many more productive things you could be doing." Granted, I don't seem to have as much time to tune into my fave shows as I used to, but when I usually do have time, I would much rather sit down with a good read (Jeremy- don't worry, I will state it for you- "NERD ALERT!")

Now that we have DVR, it seems to be filling up with Micky Mouse Clubhouse shows (oh my gosh, how many of those air a day? Like a million? We seriously have about 50 saved as of right now), Black Gold (or whatever other reality show you can find that deals with trees, boats, wildlife, etc. Ahem, Jeremy), hunting/ fishing programs, who knows what else. I say all of this just to prove the point that I recently decided I needed to start watching TV again. (Who says that?) It's so nice to just cruise through your DVR list when you have some time to yourself (which doesn't happen too often at our house- I know you other parents can relate!) and pick from whatever you want! And, what's especially great is when you are surprised by a new epsiode that you had no idea had even aired! Anyways, Jeremy has always given me a hard time about my preferences in television. Even I can only handle so much of Kim K and her sisters. So, here are my new faves- check them out!

Anyone else watch this? SOOOO good! I could never get into Glee. (GASP) I tried and just couldn't do it. Don't think less of me. I have heard this is a "grown up" Glee. I don't care what it is, I love it! The music, the drama, that cute little Director with his smooth British accent- it's so good!

Carly & I adore this show. It is much more clever than you would think. The story lines always draw you in & I want to be friends with all of the characters (well, except Christina Ricci- she kinda gets on my nerves)- when I first saw it preview, I thought it was going to be solely based on the expectation that was set for women in the airline industry during the 60s. While it definitely hits on that at times, there is always some sort of drama & the places they visit are amazing. Recommend!

On another note, has anyone watched Doomsday Preppers? These people are NUTS! We DVR that, too. That is actually a show that Jeremy & I watch together. Of course, when it's over, it's all I can do to keep Jeremy from hauling it to the Kroger to buy out all of their non-perishable food items.

Last but not least, Hazel is currently rocking out to Yo Gabba Gabba. Ok, you gotta admit. That show is kinda catchy. And those songs get stuck in your head all day long. For example, I have been singing

Keep trying, keep'll get it right. You'll get it right.
Keep trying, keep trying, don't give up. Don't give up.

All day today. And it's not so bad, really.



  1. No, I seriously WANT to know how you have time to watch all of these shows! You must multi-task. Please tell me you do. The line about Jeremy hauling it to Krogers had me cracking up! Hmm, the doomsday show sounds like a show I'd uh, possibly be on. :)We are into BBC mini-series thanks to netflix!

  2. Kim, for the record, I usually have a couple of weeks' worth of shows backed up by the time I get a chance to watch them. AND, when I do, it is when the kiddos have gone to bed. You have just a little bit more going on in your house than in ours. Like, as in x2. :) You guys totally need to watch the Doomsday show- these people are OBSESSED with preparing for the end of the world. As in spending 8 hours a day. Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. Okay, so like you, I am so not a GLEEK however I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Smash. I think it just might be my fave right now...okay, maybe not, but I watch WAY TOO much TV these days so I couldn't tell ya which one is my fave. When you have little one's that are ready for bed between 7:30-8 you have at least 2 or 3 hours of TV time. Now ask me when the last time I cleaned my bathroom was. Maybe I should be doing that instead of boob tubing it up on the couch, hmmm...I might be onto something here! HA! Jason and I have watched the Doomsday show a few times, it's pretty good. Did ya'll see the one with the girl who lived in Houston? She was pretty crazy!