Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Catfish Rodeo, West Texas, and Everything in Between

We headed out to Utica a couple of weeks ago for the annual Catfish Rodeo. The weather was  AMAZING and Hutch even caught himself a catfish. It was so much fun! Last weekend Jeremy, my brave, brave husband headed to Odessa with H & H in tow to go visit his family. They had a blast! Hutch was so excited that he even shouted out, as the plane was taking off from Houston, "ODESSA, HERE WE COME!!!!!" I will apologize in advance for this post, as it is out of order and in a crazy format. Blogger has changed up on me & I don't like it!   

Hazel may look like she was heading to a tennis tournament, however, she was super excited to  take in all the action at the Catfish Rodeo!
Paw Paw, Hazel, and my Mom. It was a bit windy, so that is why my Mom's hair is looking a little crazy!  Sorry, Mom, it was too cute not to post. :) 
Hutch loves fishing. Most of the time. He generally will occupy his time looking for lizards and  trying to play with the bait. 
I think this was right after I caught Hazel eating a piece of a hot dog that was set aside for  bait. Gross. That girl will eat anything!
Just hoping for a bite!

Caught one!!!

Hazel didn't know what to think about that fish, but she was certainly proud of her Daddy!

We've also logged some miles in the wagon. And, we discovered that Hazel loves Popsicle's just like her big brother! 
Hutch was worn out, don't you think?

Here is the newest little cuz, Stetson. Such a cutie!

Fun on the rez!

Hazel discussing techniques with her Daddy

Hutch LOVES his Grandpappy. And, he LOVES the "party closet", which contains all sorts of fun things, from what I hear. Like guitars. And fishing poles. And big shoes. I don't really know what it contains. But, Hutch talks about it ALOT. And a trip to Odessa means there will always be LOTS of time spent there.

Just playing the 'ole guitar in the bathroom!

LOVE this!

If Hazel could formulate words, I think this is what she would say: "What? You don't like cupcakes? I don't know what the big deal is. So I have cupcake all over my face. Cupcakes are my favorite. Bye-bye." You know, something like that. 


Hazel loves her Aunt Lori!!!

Vickie, Ed, and Duskie

If this doesn't say "fun," then I don't know what does. 

From what I hear, Mackenzie and Camry loved their Hazel. As in, wouldn't put her down. And, they had to take turns. Hazel looks really excited about it. I love little Camry's smile- so sweet!

My turn!!!

Jarrod, Uncle Stretch, and Casey just kickin' it outside

Uh-oh. Looks like the startings of a Hazel-meltdown. Yikes.

Bath time! I hear these little girls were quite the helpers!

It's Stetson! Do you think he looks like his Daddy????

 I may be taking a brief hiatus from Blogger. :( They have changed some stuff up so it doesn't seem to be as user-friendly to me. You have to change the size of each individual picture & it is very difficult to move things around. I have been working on the post since Monday! The fact that we have a super slow computer doesn't help things. So, until I figure this thing out, I may not be posting again! I would greatly appreciate any tips! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

This picture is totally out of order. BUT, it is one of my favorites & for some reason it didn't post where I wanted it to. AND, I am sure there is a way to correct, but I am going to be lazy & it's way past my bedtime. Action shot!

We had such a great Easter weekend! Carly, Marc, and Ryder came in from Htown to spend the weekend with the fam, so it was so much fun hanging out with them. It is really funny to watch the kiddos play together- they are getting to the age where they argue and "fight" in their little kid ways and it is pretty entertaining. But, what is the absolute BEST, is watching how much they LOVE each other! Ryder followed Hutch around everywhere- it was too cute!

Confetti Eggs! Best. Thing. Ever. While they certainly created a HUGE mess- it was worth it. Hutch thought they were hilarious & the mess was well worth all the laughs. Thanks, Marc! Or should I say, Thanks Mamo!

Little Confetti Head.

The kiddos with their loot!

Hutch racked up.

Hazel let the fellas find the eggs while she practiced walking with Paw Paw. I am sure you wouldn't have to dig too deep to find a pic of me as a toddler practicing walking with my Paw Paw, too :)


Pop supervising.

Me and my sweet little kiddos. You may be wondering where Jeremy is- he actually headed out to Texas to go hunting with some buddies for the majority of last week. We missed him but know he had a ball!

Woo hoo, family portrait time! Ryder was cracking us up.

Look at Hazel.

I caught this sweet face while trying to get a good group shot.

Cousins!!! In their Easter best! Hazel, honey, it's not that bad.

Check out Ryder's pose!

The Easter bunny must have heard that we spent the night in Utica!

Hutch just hanging out.


Paw Paw had this girl rollin', I tell ya. It was so funny!

How pretty is this? I believe that I was taking this picture, I overheard this conversation: Mom- "WOW, that is SO pretty with the sunlight coming through the trees! Paw Paw- that's the smoke from the bar-b-que pit. Regardless, it was beautiful. And the hamburgers were delicious.


Friday night, we just kicked it at my parents. The kiddos were pretty worn out from their SFBCIC egg hunt that afternoon.

I hope that you all had wonderful Easter weekend surrounded by those you love! As much fun as it was to hunt eggs and see what the Easter bunny brought us, we were reminded that He Lives and that Jesus paid the ultimate price to save us! May God bless all of you!