Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Bulldog Bash

We celebrated Hutch turning 3 with a Bulldog party at Backyard Burger. I will try to load the invites so I can post one- they looked just like a MSU football ticket. The party was a hit & Hutch was "SO EXCITED" to see so many of his friends and family join in to help celebrate.

Hutch and his "bulldog cake"

3 year olds can sure put away some food! :)

Even our dear Rebel-fan-friends joined us! Leahbeth, Whit, Buddy, and Caroline. The lighting is horrible in this pic but I had to post a shot of my bestie & her family!

Hutch lovin' on Ollie Cook

Jan, Mee Maw, and Paw Paw did an excellent job of keeping Hazel entertained for the evening!

Fun with Kehle & Whit!

Hazel was wondering when she gets to have another birthday party.

Danni playing on the slide

Happy Birthday to Hutch!

Anxiously awaiting cake. If you were to zoom in, you may see a few fingerprints in that cake. Maybe.

Hutch & Rivers just chillin'.
Brandi & Rivers

One of many attempts (yet again) for a family pic. I guess when you have balloons involved, you should give up trying to have your children focus on the camera?

Hutch w/ Mee Maw & Paw Paw

Random pic! Not sure when this was taken but I thought it was cute and worth throwing in!

Happy Birthday, Hutch! This was actually the morning of his birthday! AND, he got his roller skates!

He loves them!!!! Isn't he handsome?

We celebrated his bday night at Margaritas with my parents. It was such a nice night!

Mickey Mouse!

Can't believe our little fella is 3 years old. Although it is hard to imagine, he just gets funnier and more entertaining each day. He has us rolling (Hazel included) with the things that come out of his mouth. And, even better, he is still the same sweet, loving boy he always has been. Hutch, I know you can't read yet and you certainly don't follow this blog, but we love you more than you will ever know & thank God for you each and every day! Rock on, Super Hutch!

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