Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Ok, I am going to try this again....hopefully, the last experience updating my blog was a result of lost patience? We'll see if I have better luck this time :) How is everyone? What have y'all been up to? Things have been quite busy around our house. Hutch started tball a couple of weeks ago (at this point, he has only had one practice session and it resulted in us leaving about 30 minutes into it due to an absolute meltdown- by Hutch, in case you were wondering). Hutch has also begun swim lessons, which he LOVES. Here are a few pics from the past couple of weeks!

 Tball....prior Meltdown of 2012.

 Last Saturday, Jeremy went fishing, so what did we do? Well, I am glad you asked. We played outside in the rain. And it was a blast. 

 I think it started out as, "Ok, you can go outside but it's raining, so stay on the porch!" Then, Hazel got brave and started running into the rain & then running back in. They were having so much fun, I just let them go to town. It was one of those, "Oh, well, they're happy" moments. It really was quite fun. 

 Hutch enjoyed splashing in the puddles

 And....leaving footprints

 And, of course, there was sidewalk chalk involved. Hazel liked to eat it. SO, eventually it was put up.

 Hazel prints

 Our little Picasso

 All smiles!

 And things REALLY got fun when we pulled out the umbrella

 Hazel was super excited when her Daddy got home. She didn't seem to mind that his golf game was rained out.

 We had Mee Maw, Paw Paw and my parents over for lunch on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day. It was so great to spend this day with such special people- I only wish the other mothers that mean so much to me lived closer to attend!

 The ladies!

 The ladies + 1 extremely unhappy little fella

 Everyone minus Jeremy (he was the picture-taker) and my Dad (he had already left at this point). Diggin' Hutch's fake smile. Nice.

 After everyone left, we headed back outside for a few hours. The weather was AMAZING! Hazel wanted to check out the ferns to make sure they got plenty of water.

 Watch out! It's a John Deere and a traveling cow! Hazel needed a thumb break.

Hutch has a new obsession. Rolly pollys. Those poor little guys. He will find about 2 of them and pick them up. And put them down. And roll them around in his hand. And put them in cracks that are in the concrete. And try to get them out. And "hop" with them. Which, in Hutch language, means throwing them on the ground. We tried to have a conversation with him about this last night, and told him that he needs to be gentle with these little critters so he doesn't hurt them. Apparently, it didn't work so well. I guess he thinks since they are in a ball, it's ok to throw them. Why wouldn't you throw a ball? Makes no sense!

Well, that is it for now. And, just to let you know, this was quite easy! I am not cursing or pacing or yelling at my computer. Not that I EVER do that. :) Maybe this means I am back on the blogging train? :) 

Happy Friday Eve! Hope you have big plans! We are headed to a bday party tomorrow night, a MS Braves game on Saturday w/ Jeremy's work, and then over to my parents for their annual croquet tourney Saturday evening. Should be a fun one! XOXO


  1. Hi Lindsey! Love your blog! Hutch and Hazel are precious- and growing! Happy to see you are all doing well. Things have changed around here- our baby Boy, Everett, was born April 24th. Time has flown by since we saw you guys back in October. Glad I can keep up with you on the blog. You can take a peek at our new little man on my blog too

  2. I'll say it you have a stunt double? Where do you find the time to put Hutch in 2 things!!!!? Bruce took swim lessons last year...he said he liked it but I could tell it actally terrified him. It was awful for me to watch. He even cried a few times. He is not a risk taker so the semi-deep water did not go over well. He finished the classes and so maybe it was good for him.

  3. Kim, you are too funny- once again, having 2 vs. your 4 is a HUGE difference! :) And, it's just two nights a week, so it's not so bad. AND, the swim lessons are only 30 minutes, which is awesome! I thought Hutch would be terrified, as he was terrified earlier this year at a hotel pool, but he seems to love the lessons! I want to put Hazel in, but it is so expensive! She will have to wait until next year, I am afraid! Hope you guys are doing well!

  4. My word they are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!! They are such cutie pies! I told Jason about the t-ball meltdown of the year, he laughed. Oh Hutch man!!! I was looking at the pics of the kids in the rain and am so jealous that you get to see that view across the street from your house every day. It's beautiful out there. I would move to Jackson if we hadn't just moved to SA and been reminded how bad moving sucks!!! Love ya bunches and miss you too!