Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pure Joy

Hi, friends, how are y'all?? We are doing great!!! Is it hot enough for everyone? I will spare the photos of my car thermostat....we all know it's hot as blazes outside. How are y'all keepin' it cool? Here are a few pics of what we've been doing to beat the heat. It helps that we have a super shady yard & a screened in porch. And popsicles. 

And a Slip 'n slide! Hutch hasn't quite mastered the art of slipin' and slidin', but my gosh, he is trying. It was so hot that Jeremy & I may have taken a few turns on it. Fully clothed. Maybe. I would post pictures, however, the last thing out of Jeremy's mouth before he had his first go was, "This better not end up on FB or the blog!!" So, being a woman who keeps her word, you will just have to use your imagination. I am pretty sure the H's think we are the coolest parents ever.

Hazel just prefers to put things in the pool. Then pull them out. Then put them back in. You get the idea. 

And, she likes to walk around in the sprinklers. 

I have taken a few pics over the past few days which just remind me of pure joy. That is where my heading came from. And, this is one of the pics that inspired it. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Check out those pigtails!!!

Pure joy....again!

We headed over to Cici's Monday night for Hutch's end of the season Tball party. Hazel kept herself entertained by trying to figure out how to get that candy out of the machine. 

Waiting for the trophies!

Check this out!

Pure Joy #3

Can you tell that this picture came to be by me saying, "Hutch, get by Whit, and hold up your trophy! That's right, now put your arm around him! Ok, smile! Well, whatever, that will work."

And, Pure Joy #4. Bubble baths. What a nice end to any day! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello, Vivian!

Have you heard that little sweet Vivi is here? She was born last Thursday & let me tell you, she is quite the little beauty AND just the sweetest thing. I barely heard a peep out of her the whole time I was there. Actually,  I wasn't even planning on going for several reasons that I won't get into. I had REALLY wanted to go, but didn't think I would be able to. Anyways, my oh, so wonderful husband called me on the way home on Thursday and convinced me that I needed to be there (not that I needed convincing- I could hardly stand it being away during her arrival into this world on Thursday). So, with that, I was able to arrange a quick surprise trip in to Htown with Hazel while Jeremy stayed behind with Hutch for a "boys weekend." 

 A couple of weeks before Vivi arrived, however, my Aunt Jan brought over Mary Linnley to play with the H's. She is too cute- they had so much fun. Poor thing, I don't think she could get a word in with Hutch. At one point, Hutch asked, "Can she talk???" 

So back to Miss are some pics! Love her tons!

Camera shy. Don't worry,'ll be used to it in no time. Proud Lolli!

Hazel didn't know what to think about her new cousin...she was quite curious. I am sure she will be teaching her new tricks in no time!

Looks like we have a thumb sucker on our hands!

Love. this. sweet. face.

Hello, world!!!

Hazel doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Surrounded by little loves :) 

Do you see a smile? I think I see a smile. And not just from Pop. 

Ryder has learned some crazy belly dance & had us rolling. As you can see, he was pretty impressed with his new talent, too. 

Ryder, Gloria, Jose, Vivian, Dad, Hazel, Mom

Oh ya-yah...Ryder has a trampoline. 

Anything new going on with you guys? Nothing too much here...Hutch & Jeremy attended a couple of birthday parties this weekend that were tons of fun. Did I tell y'all we canceled our cable? We did a couple of months ago. But, we now have NetFlix OD and Hulu Plus and some other things, so I really don't miss it! I have recently started watching Downton Abby. Any other fans? I really like it, but, wow, do they talk fast. I think I only understand about half of every episode I watch.  There are  few other random things I could talk about but I figure this post has been long enough, so I will try to post again next week! Have a great rest of the week & weekend!