Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Loves

Hi, friends! This post is going to be super quick as it is about 6:00 AM & I have to get ready for work. I wanted to be sure to share with y'all our pics from this past weekend- Carly, Ryder, and Vivi came into town and the kiddos had such a great time. Well, most of the time, anyways. There were some tears, and there was some hitting. And some "not-sharing." And some frustration when one little person was "not taking turns." BUT, that just comes with it, right? :) Hutch & Hazel LOVE their cousins and were so glad to spend some quality time with them. As I said, this will be a quick post, so forgive my shortage of commentary to go along with the photos! 

Hazel adores Vivi. As in, she wants to know where she is at all times. And, she likes to get her sticky little fingers on her, too. Sweet little Vivi may have had her eye poked by one curious 18 month old. Maybe. 

Wonder what they were smilin' at? 

I think this pic is hilarious. I don't know if my fave part is Ryder just rockin' it in the diaper & sippie- how cool does he look here? Or Hazel obviously distraught over something. Wish I would have gotten a whole Hutch in it, too. Kinda reminds me of the Beatles album cover, but with little kids. Who are only half dressed. And crying. 

Singing on the swing

I love this b/c Ryder looks so content & just happy to be next to his cuz. Hutch obviously wasn't quite as excited.

While filling up the pool, Hutch & Ryder had a big time being splashed with the water hose by my Dad. They thought it was HILARIOUS and considering how incredibly hot it was that day, I am sure it was quite refreshing. I thought about skipping around the yard with them. 

Haha, jumping shot!

As always, we had a great time with my little sister & her fam! We sure missed Marc, but look forward to seeing him soon. AND, on another note, Haley is en route back to the US as I type this- whoot, whoot! We are beyond excited & can't wait to get that girl back home! Please pray for safe travels for her! Have a good one!!! XOXO

Monday, July 16, 2012

2000 Miles

That is approximately how many miles we put on my car during our "Texas Tour" last week. And let me tell you- we would have driven 4000 miles to have had the fun we had! We were so fortunate to spend some time with Jeremy's family, friends, and my family, too! All in one week! And, the kiddos did great- we split the trip up- you know how it goes... a night here, a few nights there, etc., etc. We have known for a long time that Texas has a special place in Hutch's heart, but it was really obvious this trip. He was so excited. And, one morning when he woke up, I asked him what he dreamed about. His response was, "Texas.....West Texas." We used to frequent Texas for family vacays when I was little & I just remember finding the state almost magical. I would automatically think of the typical stereotypes...you know, cowboys and good Mexican food, hot sticky weather, flat dusty land. But I also thought about Six Flags and road trips and lots of other good things. I like to think that Hutch has the same type of feeling when he thinks about Texas, but I know that it is much more than that because his Moni and Grandpappy and Uncle Stretch are there. And his great-grands and lots of aunts and uncles and fun cousins. I think Hutch's Texas consists of special people and being outdoors and staying up late. And snacks. Lots of snacks. :) 

Here is Hazel with Ronnie. You would think she could have at least attempted a fake smile. Nope. I will say, despite her expression in this picture, she was quite impressed with her Uncle Ronnie. I think she is already mesmerized by his hilarious stories and animated personality. 

Sunday, Jeremy and I drove out to Goldsmith to check out the pool Jeremy & Jarrod used to go to. It was such a pretty drive. How could you not post about Texas without including a pump-jack pic? Check out that pretty blue sky. 


Moni & Hutch

 Little Bits having fun with her Daddy while Uncle Stretch gets a movie going. 

It's always fun when Stetson comes over! Hazel has developed a fascination for babies. She loved this little guy. He was so cute- just smiled from ear to ear the whole time they were there. 

Hutch just playin' the guitar. 

Hutch practicing his roping over at Nanny Almas.

I think this may be one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen. Kinsey held Hazel just about the whole time we were over at Nanny Alma's. It was quite a sight, considering she was only about twice the height of her. 

See? And she smiled the whole time. Hazel actually prefers to be carried around. So, everyone was happy. 


I can't tell you how many times I have looked at this picture over the past week. I am sure that there are very few people who will find this as funny as me. BUT, I think Hazel's expression is just priceless. 

Playscape fun with Camri!

Love my baby girl!

Ahaha! Alma, Jeremy, and Lynn

Sweet girls!

If you would have asked Hutch if he was sleepy, he would have responded, "NO! I don't need no nap!"

Well, at least we tried. I love Alma's expression in this one!

Jeremy loves his grandma!

Traveling pillows! Ready to head to Brownwood! Thanks, Monie!

If you ignore the fact that Doug's eyes are closed and that the lighting is horrible, this is a fantastic picture! 

And, let's throw Jeremy in the mix! 

After leaving Odessa, we headed to Brownwood to spend the night with Jeremy's grandparents, Pat and Bill. The H's always have a blast there b/c there is so much fun stuff to do! Here is Hazel just looking through Nanny Pat's trinkets. 

Just running around outside

Oh my gosh, to say that Hazel loved this cat would be a MAJOR understatement. She was absolutely fascinated. And, luckily, she was quite the nice little cat, as Hazel kept leaning down and getting as close as she could to that poor cat's face. 

You have to pull out the music when we go to Brownwood. Paw Paw Bill can break out some serious tunes on the harmonica. Hazel was shaking a leg, but you can't really tell. 

You may be able to tell that Hutch was doing the same in this one. 

Just crawling across the bridge!

And, they gave Hutch a sweet pair of goggles! WHICH he loves. And may have possibly already broken. BUT, that is besides the point. At least we got a few pictures with him sporting them. 

Hutch and Paw Paw Bill up to no good.

Have y'all ever had a Squirt? I hadn't either until my first trip to Nanny Pats- they always have a fridge stocked. Perfect drink for a hot summer morning. 

AND THEN, Cash came over! That is when the dance party really began- you should see this little fella's moves. 

We always do a pic on this bench when we come to Brownwood- it's interesting to see how much the kiddos have grown over the past couple of years. I could not help but posting a few of these- they all make me smile everytime I see them. 

 Why are jumping action shots so much fun?

 And, then on the way out of town, we headed over to Uncle Jeff's junkyard. 

Hazel & Justin

We proceeded from Brownwood to Austin on Wed. We had a great time staying that night with Jarrod & Casey. Thursday was Jeremy's bday & I had put together a surprise dinner for him at Matt's El Rancho. Check out this sweet cake that Darcy made! Jeremy was SO surprised & so excited to see everyone who came out to help him celebrate. And, of course, there were mariachis. He was surprised again when he was presented a ticket to see Dwight Yoakum at the ACL Live Moody Theater that same night- it was such a great show!

Here is a pic of some our friends and family that came out- again, I apologize about the lighting. Urgh. If I only had the patience to figure out the camera I have had for about 2 years now. 

Some of our old Enterprise friends

We THEN headed to San Marcos to finish out our Texas trip to attend the Simmons reunion. If you know my Aunt Cindy, you would know there is no telling what conversation these 3 are having right now. 

Hazel helped the staff clean up after breakfast Friday morning. She wouldn't let that broom go. The employees thought it was hilarious and one fella even tried to give her a dollar for her efforts. She wouldn't take it, bless her heart, but she didn't hesitate to accept the Kit Kat he gave her instead. 

And, I think the employees were really appreciative that she lent a hand. It was a great turnout for breakfast that morning & you should have seen that dining room afterwards.

She decided that vacuum was not quite up her ally. So loud, you know? Must get that from her Mama. 

Soooo...back to the broom she went. 

Thank goodness for these light pools. They kept Hazel, Ryder, and Hutch entertained the whole time we were there. 

That and the water, of course. Here, you can see these little guys pointing out the crickets to this man cleaning out the fountain. I am sure he REALLY appreciated the feedback. 

Becca & Hazel catching up. 

And, Aunt Sybil and sweet Vivi!

Hazel really enjoyed the entertainment at Happy Hour Friday night. 

We made a trip to Gruene to eat dinner @ the Gristmill.


Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez!

The kiddos loved the view from our table.

Little Vivi taking a snooze

Who me?

My Mom and my Aunt Lisa- sisters!

Alyssa, Jan, Nelson, Hazel, and my Mom

Carly, me, Jeremy before dinner Sat. night

James kept bringing "the little lady" her purse

How do you get 4 toddlers to sit still for about 2 seconds? FRUIT SNACKS!!!!

Jeremy and Vivi

Little Miss Hollywood

And, Aunt Cindy taught Ryder how to walk on his hands! She's just got all sorts of tricks up her sleeve!

Do both of these gals look sleepy to you? I think this how we all felt on that last night. 

Huge thanks to EVERYONE that made our trip so special. We can't wait to plan our next Texas adventure!!!